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THE WALKING DEAD Season 8 Teases “All Out War” From the Comics

Everything in The Walking Dead season seven led to one major storyline: “All-Out War.” The upcoming eighth season will send Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors up against the Saviors as they try to end Negan’s reign of terror. If the story sticks to the source material from the comic book series, then it’s going to be a bloody ride and not everyone is going to make it out alive. But this war is only the beginning, and a new promo video from AMC is already teasing what’s coming next for the series.

The key takeaway here isn’t Rick’s speech, it’s Maggie’s: “We need to keep our faith in each other. If we can hold onto that with everything we have, the future is ours. The world is ours.” As you probably know, The Walking Dead comic book is years ahead of the TV show, and there are many stories left to tell. Maggie’s rallying cry may actually be setting the stage for the big time jump that was teased back at Comic-Con (and is a major part of the “All-Out War”). And the new world that’s coming is very different than the one we’ve gotten used to on this show.

There are potentially minor spoilers ahead the back half of The Walking Dead‘s upcoming season. You’ve been warned!

In the comic, the first storyline after “All-Out War” was “A New Beginning,” and it featured a two-year time jump, though considering the look of Rick in the teaser video, we have to wonder if that gap is going to be longer than the two years on the series. We also don’t want to give away the fates of other characters who may not make it out alive. You can head to the comics to find out more, but know there are at least a few people on the show who have outlived their comic book counterparts.

The producers of this series have already promised that the Rick and Negan conflict would be resolved this season. That leads us to suspect that the mid-season finale is the probably the best place to start adapting “A New Beginning” and give fans a glimpse at the vastly different landscape.

It’s also likely that the next big threat to the survivors will also be introduced in the second half of the season. Without giving away too much, they’re called the Whisperers, and are far deadlier and stranger than even the Scavengers tribe. The thing about the Whisperers is that we may have already seen them and not realized it. For now, let’s just say that they’re very good at hiding in plain sight.

The Walking Dead season eight will premiere on Sunday, October 22.

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