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THE WALKING DEAD Hits SDCC 2017 with an Exclusive Negan Mini Bust

San Diego Comic-Con International is just a few weeks away, and Gentle Giant is taking it on…like a champ! One of this year’s SDCC exclusive collectibles will feature The Walking Dead‘s biggest adversary, Negan. And where Negan goes, his “vampire bat,” Lucille, is sure to follow!

Today, Gentle Giant is officially pulling the curtain back on The Walking Dead Negan mini bust, which features an impressive recreation of Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s likeness that was created with top of the line 3D tech. Unlike the live-action Negan, this bust can’t swing a mean bat. But Lucille is firmly in place on his shoulder, as Negan shows off the menacing grin that we’ve become very familiar with over the past season of The Walking Dead.

Negan Minibust 11

This bad guy is going to go for $120 at Comic-Con, and the mini bust will also include a limited edition certificate of authenticity. But you don’t have to brave the halls of the San Diego Convention Center to get your hands on Negan. Starting today, Walking Dead fans are invited to join Gentle Giant’s Premier Guild collector’s club on the company’s official page. Members of the Premier Guild will have an exclusive pre-order window for the Negan mini bust and they won’t even have to set foot in San Diego.

But we’re not done yet. Far from it, in fact! Today, we’re giving away an artist’s proof edition of the Negan mini bust. And all you have to do to enter is fill out the form below!

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Negan Minibust 8

You can find more pictures of the Negan mini bust in our gallery below.

What do you think about Gentle Giant’s recreation of Negan? Let us know in the comment section below!

Negan Minibust featured

Negan Minibust 9

Negan Minibust 10

Negan Minibust 1

Negan Minibust 2

Negan Minibust 3

Negan Minibust 4

Negan Minibust 5

Negan Minibust 6

Negan Minibust 7

Images: Gentle Giant


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