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THE WALKING DEAD Deleted Ending: You Tell Em, Rick

TV’s Rick Grimes hasn’t had quite the number of f— yeah moments as his comic counterpart. But now we can count this season 4 deleted scene from AMC’s The Walking Dead among them.

****Spoilers ahead for the ending of The Walking Dead season 4****

Anyway, Rick has some strong words for the marauders looking to bring trouble to him and his fellow survivors in the season 4 finale. The 38-second clip shows Rick’s uncensored reaction when he and his group discover what the people of Terminus have in store for them, and he ain’t mincing words. Series star Andrew Lincoln was apparently allowed to drop an F-bomb in an alternate take of the scene, which originally aired with his character saying “screwing with” instead of the gloriously action hero reaction here.

Like it? I personally think it gives the character a rare moment to be dangerous in a world where Daryl gets to hog all of the badass/tough guy moments (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It’s also one of the most iconic panels in the comic, so it was nice to see it get the treatment it deserved.

ScreenCrush unearthed the deleted scene posted by YouTube user ypss earlier this week, and we should maybe add the caveat that this could be a fake since it’s not appearing on the official AMC YouTube page, but it seems too good to be a put-on.

Next season will see Rick and his group confront the Terminus folks and it’s probably going to get bloody (as things tend to in The Walking Dead-verse). Don’t believe us? We have a little preview footage you might want to see that we nabbed during San Diego Comic-Con.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 12.

[HT: ScreenCrush]

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  1. NachoKingP says:

    OHMIGOD YES!  That’s what I wanted to see on the show!!!  Maybe they’ll have an “uncut” version of the episode for the blu-ray release.  I hope so!  It carries SO much more weight!

  2. Charles says:

    I wish they would’ve left that in.

  3. Joe says:

    AMC allowed Bryan Crantson to use the word Fuck in Breaking Bad, they just silenced it when he said it, so why not for this show?

  4. Derek Read says:

    I think “screwing with” is far too suggestive. Something like “messing with” would have been more acceptable. We all know that violence is OK but swearing goes against family values.

  5. Karl says:

    IMO they should’ve just played it uncut and then said oops and paid the fine. The difference between the two lines is night and day. I think the moment was completely spoiled by the censoring of the most powerful moment of the entire season.

    • Kevin says:

      They can’t say oops. The showrunner might want it but the network certainly doesn’t.
      You can only get away with that on live TV. Anything recorded goes through dozens of edits.

  6. Sean says:

    I seem to recall Andrew Lincoln saying that they did a take were he said ” fucking with” instead of “screwing with” when he was on the season finale of Talking Dead. So this could be legit. Plus, look at the mouth. It does look like he says “fucking”.

  7. Doug B says:

    WOW. That scene nailed it so much better than the broadcast version. I too hope (if it’s real) that this is available as an option for DVD buyers.

  8. Tom says:

    Looks fucking real to me.

  9. I really hope that this is real and on the Blu Ray it gives you the option to play the episode with that dialogue in it. In all honestly they should have just said it on the air and bleeped it. Screwing with the wrong people, was just wrong.