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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Relationship Updates: Who’s Together, Who’s Flirting, Who’s About to Break Up?

Now that Damon and Stefan are both out of their respective personal hells inside the Phoenix Stone, it’s time to get down to what’s important: all the relationships on The Vampire Diaries!

It’s been weeks since we last saw what’s been going on in reality in Mystic Falls (and not in Damon’s Groundhog Day-inspired Civil War hallucinations), and a lot has happened in that time in regards to who is dating, who’s hooking up, and who’s about to break up. So let’s run down all the fan-favorite relationships for some scoop on what’s coming up for them. Will they be making out a ton or is there heartbreak in their future?

Damon and Stefan

Tonight’s episode, “Things We Lost In the Fire,” focuses more on the brothers’ relationship than ever before. Stefan is determined to help Damon come to terms with his new reality (the Phoenix Stone’s hell isn’t over even when you leave it) as well as the new Mystic Falls. Turns out Julian’s been invited more than a few friends to move to town, and they’re not so concerned with keeping it family-friendly.

But prepare yourself for some real heartbreaking, tragic Defan revelations in the hour. You’re going to get some major Supernatural season eight vibes. Start your speculations now …

The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Caroline

While tonight’s episode features a real Steroline date (at a fancy restaurant, no less!), things are not looking rosy for these two. Between Caroline carrying Alaric’s babies and Valerie always hanging around, there’s more than a few obstacles in their way. Plus, Stefan is still dealing with the aftermath of his Phoenix Stone trip. He’s not handling it as well as he thinks he is.

“With Valerie, she has become this third wheel in the Caroline/Stefan relationship. Not necessarily because she’s prying into their relationship, but just as default because they need her and they need her magic,” executive producer Caroline Dries says. “She genuinely cares about Stefan, genuinely cares about what Caroline is going through with her babies, so she’s become this accidental third wheel that will actually start to evolve into a bigger friendship with Stefan, leading Caroline to be like, ‘Where’d my boyfriend go?'”

And since Candice Accola King went on maternity leave to have her baby in real life, Caroline will be M.I.A. for a good chunk of the last part of this season. That’s probably not good for Stefan and Caroline’s relationship.

“We haven’t written or broken officially episode 20 yet but that is about when [Candice returns to the show],” Dries says. “It just kind of depends on when she wants to come back or can come back. We have a full game plan for her. She still feels like she is in the ether in that five episode chunk that she’s gone. But we will be craving her when she does come back.”

Damon and Elena

We already gave you so much scoop on Delena, and you’re asking for more already? Man, so greedy. Here’s a little nugget to satisfy your Delena cravings: you will see Elena’s body in her casket in tonight’s episode. As in, Nina Dobrev’s body. You actually see her face. You see her in the dress she was wearing in last season’s finale. And you see Damon with her. But we can’t tell you how this happens or why or what comes next.

The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Enzo

Ever since it was revealed in the flash-forward storyline that Bonnie and Enzo are together, we’ve been going crazy waiting to see that story play out in the present. And unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait a little longer.

“We are going to continue to have fun with their ‘bicker-son’ relationship,” Dries says. “It’s the most organic and natural thing because they truly can’t stand each other at this point. We will play that out for a while. We need to see them in more scenes together for sure before we start building any romance.”

And Enzo’s going to have a lot on his plate without adding any romance drama as well.

“Where the heck is Enzo?” Dries says. “You won’t see him in this next episode and we’ll be wondering what the heck Matt’s people did to him. Who the heck were those people, where did they take him, what’s going on? Enzo’s new universe is going to broaden the scope of the show towards the second half of the season. That’s obviously going to give us more stories but it’s also going to enlighten us into Enzo’s back story a little bit, finally, besides how he turned into a vampire. But we’ll get to know him. That will help bring him closer to Bonnie.”

Damon and Bonnie

These BFFs don’t share much screen time during this episode. Even though Bonnie knows Damon almost killing her wasn’t his fault (he was just leaving his own personal hell and didn’t know it was real, obviously), that doesn’t mean she’s all too keen on spending time with him right now. She’s got other problems on her plate—namely, helping Matt clear out all the new, unwanted Mystic Falls residents. She also continues to grow her new friendship with Nora, surprisingly. Less surprisingly, that does not go smoothly.

The Vampire Diaries

Matt Blue Eyes and … ?

When oh when is poor Matt Donovan ever going to get some romance? We’re going to see a hint of what’s coming for him in tonight’s episode, but we’ll soon find out that something is going to propel Matt onto a new path entirely. And it’s not good.

“There is a character that we haven’t seen yet in the flash-forwards. Matt Donovan,” Dries says. “And we’ll start to understand why we haven’t seen him yet, and what’s going on with him in three years in the future. We start to get little peeks at this force that’s been after Stefan all of this time, and we’ll slowly but surely start to piece together this mythology that we’ve been building with that sword and the stone, and why that’s the spine of the season.”

At least we get to see Matt and Tyler spend some quality bro-time together as Michael Trevino returns for tonight’s episode. Why? Caroline invited Tyler to her baby shower, of course!

“Caroline’s getting more and more pregnant so those babies have to come out at some point,” Dries says. “That’s something I’m very excited about. One of my favorite scenes is coming up in [this] episode, directed by Paul Wesley. It involves three men, three babies, and blindfolds. That’s all I’ll say.”

And the baby shower leads to a very questionable scene between Caroline and Alaric. Are we about to witness how they ended up together in the flash-forwards? Time will tell …

Did I miss anyone? Tweet me @SydneyBucksbaum and I’ll answer your questions!

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The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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