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The United States’ First Dedicated Gaming Arena Is Coming

It’s been a long time coming, but after years of growth, eSports has finally reached true “stadium status” here in the US. Sure, we’ve seen eSports take over the likes of arenas like the Staples Center and such, but not until today has there been an arena themed around competitive gaming in the United States.

MLG is leading the charge on this notion, planning to open the US’s first dedicated eSports arena in Columbus, Ohio. Named the arena, the venue will be conveniently located about 15 minutes away from Ohio State University, close to the college community that MLG has vehemently praised in the past.

“Columbus has hosted some of our most successful events to date,” stated MLG EVP Adam Apicella. “With 62 colleges in the Columbus region, hundreds of thousands of university and high school students in the 11-county area, and close proximity to our audience on the East Coast, Columbus is a great location for our Arena. We look forward to hosting the best players in the world and continuing to collaborate with the passionate community at OSU and their eSports initiative – ESI, as well as those throughout Ohio and beyond.”

I’m thoroughly excited to see the eSports scene take this step, and am even more excited about the location being in my old stomping grounds of Ohio. The LAN scene in the midwest is of extreme excellence, and the arena will surely thrive being surrounded by the many eSports fans based in the area. Good move, MLG.

Would you guys attend a live professional gaming event? No-scope your thoughts down into the comments below.

HT: Engadget, SB Nation

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  1. Andre says:

    Yes I would!

  2. RobotShlomo says:

    Dear god why? We’ve reached the point where we’d rather watch the simulation of an event acted out by a bunch of pasty, doughy individuals, rather than the event itself by individuals of exceptional skill and talent?

    Don’t ever ask why people laugh at The Big Bang Theory, because this is part of the reason.

  3. Kyle says:

    If Machinae Supremacy is the first band to play live there, I wouldn’t mind going. Especially since I live only 3 hours away from Columbus. Hooray for Ohio!…I guess. lol

  4. Lewis Webb says:

    Watching “esports” online at home for free sounds boring enough, paying to go watch it in a stadium makes even less sense.