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The Twelfth Doctor is….. CRAIG FERGUSON!!!

Okay, not really, but if he were, this is what he would look like. This picture was done by Doctor Who artist for IDW Comics, Mr. Blair Shedd. He is the friggin master! Check out more of his artwork at his website ONEGEMINI. (All Rights Reserved on the picture, so please don’t pirate it.)

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  1. Intern Jack says:

    Psssst. Yo ho ho. Would seem that Mr. Ferguson’s contract is up for renewal. Hmmmm. Nothing would say fun like a bidding war between CBS late night and the folks at the BBC….


  2. Angela says:

    Craig as Doctor (and maybe Chris H. as companion) would be the most brilliant thing EVER.

  3. SweetyPy says:

    This would be a dream come true-to have CF be Dr. Who! Of course Sid and Wavey and even Geoff would all have parts, too. I love this blog. Some of you guys are hilarious! Made my day. WooHoo! (no reflection on the kind of day I’ve been having 🙂

  4. quiltfiend says:

    Leave Geoff Peterson out all together–and add the Louisianna croc and the cussing rabbit as side kicks. Betty White would be wonderful– maybe she can teleport where she needs to be… And would the censors be involved? We need something other than “Ohlala” and other French words substituted for cursing. I’m sure Craig can be more creative…

  5. coconutphone says:

    In the same vein as the Second Doctor playing his recorder Ferguson’s Doctor could play the mouth organ 🙂

  6. Hawk says:

    Sid the cussing rabbit would make a better companion.

    Although Geoff has to be part of the Doctor’s crew as well.

  7. I’m new to Dr. Who but not to the LLS. Ya’ll are the experts and I wouldn’t want to run anyone out of a job. But. Man or man if CF was the 12th Dr. Who? I definately watch and I imagine so would alot of the RSA folks who might never have watched Dr. Who before.

    CF for the next Dr. Who!!

  8. Wayne says:

    Chris has over a million twitter followers how awesome and he’s not as wierd as lady gaga. Lol

  9. Rani says:

    I too have imagined Craig as the Doctor, he would be amazing.

  10. Gretchen says:

    This picture = a dream come true. If Craig were to play the Doctor, my life would honestly be complete. I would weep with joy!

  11. Lee says:

    Sorry ADANT. I should’ve had the decency, or at least the presence of mind, to refer to you by name as the only one who mentioned anything about the conspicuous and troubling lack of Hardwick in this masterpiece. Tetrahydrocannibanol levels may have played a part in the perpetration of that crime of discourtesy.

  12. ImagineRev says:

    The monkey should’ve been Geoff…

  13. Ted says:

    So happy for my buddy Blair! If you’re going to GALLY, tell him “Ted says hi!”

  14. Jen K says:

    Instead of a screeching parking brake, the TARDIS will now sound like the Secretariat music.

    Intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism!!!

  15. RubyRoses says:

    This is just incredibly delightful.

  16. Craig L says:

    I would have thought Craig Ferguson as The Doctor would be dressed in more of a pastiche of outfits, but definitely with #4’s scarf.

    Also, Jimmy Fallon as The Master. And Robot Skeleton Geoff Peterson as K-9. And Betty White as either Sarah Jane or River Song.

  17. Cailin K. says:

    I can’t be the only person who thinks Twelfth Doctor!Craig looks a little like Pee-Wee Herman?

  18. Sayla V. says:

    Oh this is amazing! I was just pondering last night ‘how would Ferguson do as a Doctor…?’

  19. Chad H says:

    Why can’t it be a talking monkey voiced by Chris?

  20. adAnt says:

    You may be right LEE. I didn’t even notice the brow arch. I just didn’t assume that Chris could be the cheeky monkey.

    But, I think we all can agree that Geoff Peterson would make the worst Cyberman ever.

  21. Lee says:

    What are you guys talking about?

    Chris is RIGHT there. Notice the monkey’s familiar quizzical brow arch.

  22. Robin says:

    Brilliant! Can someone at least get Craig a cameo on Doctor Who already????

  23. Jimbotron says:

    It’s a great day for the universe, everybody!

  24. coconutphone says:

    AHH! I love the monkey companion the most! LOL

    Chris could do one of the Dalek voices 🙂

  25. adAnt says:

    He also needs the swearing rabbit to join them. FTW!
    I would like to see Chris as the Master, but he’s just too damn nice to be an evil despot.