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THE TRUST Trailer Unites Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood as Dirty Cops

Six months of a Nicolas Cage cinematic drought will soon come to an end. This April, Cage teams up with Elijah Wood in The Trust.

Saban Films has released a new trailer for The Trust, which features Cage and Wood as Jim Stone and Dave Waters, respectively. Stone and Waters are a pair of slightly crooked police officers who are trapped in desk jobs while other dirty cops are making a killing.

Stone and Waters soon hatch an ambitious plan to rob a heroin dealer’s personal bank vault, which is hidden inside a grocery store. The new trailer follows Stone’s recruitment of Waters for the heist and it offers a taste of their darkly funny descent into the criminal underworld. A recurring gag in the trailer is that the two men are pretty obviously up to no good; but their ill intent is met by relative indifference and even admiration.

There is also a hint of danger and gunplay in the trailer, as the dealer’s men apparently come after Stone and Waters for daring to steal from them. But first, Waters is going to have to deal with Stone’s apparent mental instability.

The Trust was co-directed by Alex Brewer and Ben Brewer from a script by Ben Brewer and Adam Hirsch. The film co-stars Jerry Lewis, Kevin Weisman, Steven Williams, and Sky Ferreira.

DirecTV will premiere The Trust on April 14, before it hits theaters and Video on Demand on May 13.

What did you think about the trailer for The Trust? Embrace your inner Nick Cage and share your thoughts below!


Image Credit: Saban Films

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