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The Trilogy is Complete!

About a year ago, this guy with a funny voice calling himself Mr. Plinkett released a seven-part review demolishing The Phantom Menace in hilarious fashion. The character of Plinkett is depicted as an impossibly old, alcoholic murderer with a keen sense of filmic storytelling and his reviews could be taught in a film theory class if not for the rampant swearing and references to violence against women. Prior to “Menace,” Plinkett had done similarly brilliant but more straight-forward reviews of the Next Gen Star Trek movies, but it was the first Star Wars review that put him on the radar.

Over the course of the year, Mr. Plinkett, the alter-ego of Wisconsin-based filmmaker Mike Stoklasa, released an Attack of the Clones review (equally hysterical) as well as a review of Baby’s Day Out, Avatar, and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (aka, “Star Trek: The Star Trek”), but everyone was clambering for the inevitable finale to the prequel bashing. Today, my dear friends, is the day. Plinkett’s Revenge of the Sith review is a scathing, bleak condemnation of not only the film and its many shortcomings but also of Lucas’ constant need to fuck with his own past brilliance. I don’t know what Plinkett has in store for us in the future, but I’ll be there.

Check out the new review at Red Letter Media’s website where you can also find stuff about their first feature film, the funny, gory horror flick “Feeding Frenzy.”

Here’s part one of three:

Image: Youtube/Red Letter Media

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  1. I clicked on the vid intending to watch just a few minutes. I was captivated. Watched the whole thing. This is good stuff. Thanks for posting, Kyle!

  2. Craigination says:

    It’s good to see Red Letter Media getting some love from Nerdist! I actually sent an email to you guys to see if these reviews were even on your radar, because I felt like they most definitely should be. What I like most about Plinkett’s reviews is that his character is a deranged, somewhat slow-witted psychopath, yet his analysis of these movies are scathingly insightful and brilliant. I used to like the TNG Star Trek movies until Plinkett laid out just how and why they are stupid movies. As for Star Wars, I think Plinkett did a good job of skipping over the obvious complaints and finding even more relevant aspects of the prequels that made them fail as films. My only hope is that he tackles Kingdom of the Crystal Skull next, but that may be way too predictable next choice of target.

  3. Kyle Anderson says:

    All right, not sure what the deal with the link was, but I think it’s all good now. Theeeenks!

  4. Erin says:

    1) The above poster is right, the link does not work

    2) Thanks for posting this, I found the reviews for the other movies hilarious and am glad to see the new one

  5. Franklin Benjamin Richards says:

    In-article link to Red Letter Media’s website 404’s out…