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Does Chris Pine have the, er, gravitas to be Jack Ryan? As we mentioned yesterday in our eulogy for Tom Clancy, the trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit arrived today, and it has Pine/Ryan, a CIA analyst, recruited by Kevin Costner to thwart a Russian plot to use a terrorist attack to crater the American economy. No, you didn’t read that book — this one’s “based on characters created by Tom Clancy” but not based on a particular novel. Kenneth Branagh directed and plays the smirking Russian baddie, and Keira Knightley is there because why not.

Okay, watch this trailer and think about whether it makes you want to see this, whether you think they’ve done right by Clancy and the character, and whether maybe this one won’t be as laden with military and CIA detail as Clancy’s novels tended to be. And then you can talk about it in the comments….


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  1. Nicholas says:

    Right now I’m thinking this is a dream secuqnee (the year transition to New Caprica) was a bit too done before . My guess is that Baltar will wake up when things get bad and believe that the Cylon God was trying to show me error of his ways . right now it’s just a guess.It could go 180-degrees the opposite way. Right now RDM is in new terroritory for BSG. If there is a 5th-column of cylons thinking they did the wrong thing then we venture into V terrority I don’t think I’d like that too much.Either way, October is tooooooooooo looooooooonnnnnnnggggg of a wait

  2. Big Dizzy says:

    These movies are becoming more special effects and action instead of story and acting. My guess is it ends up being more like a weak Bourne movie. I gave up on Pine during Into Darkness, now he’s going to help ruin another great character 🙁

  3. JetpackBlues says:

    I’m in.

  4. DEC12345 says:

    I read several of Clancy’s novels, through “Sum of All Fears”, but Jack was starting to turn into superman and I found that boring. What I liked about the first books was that he is an ordinary man in extraordinary times going beyond his depth because the circumstances required it..

    This feels more superman than everyman.

  5. Anthony C. Adams says:

    It actually looks like a decent Jack Ryan film. People need to realize that while The Hunt for Red October was both the first Jack Ryan film and the first Jack Ryan book published, it isn’t the first Jack Ryan story chronologically. That honor belongs to Red Rabbit. That book dealt with a pre-CIA Ryan that gets thrust into the action while teaching and writing in England. And just from what I can see it looks like this could be quasi-sequel to that story. Very excited.

  6. LadyJenni says:

    Does it look true to the Jack Ryan character and world as laid out by Tom Clancy? Nope. Does it look entertaining regardless? Yep.

  7. Bill says:

    Jack Ryan was originally just an analyst who, under extreme circumstances, was compelled to become an action man.
    This looks like they just took the character’s name and tried to make an american James Bond.
    If you’re going to take the one thing that makes the character original, don’t use his name. Call him Jack Bond, or James Bauer or whatever… but not Jack Ryan.
    And if you’re wondering how one can make a compelling movie with “an ANALYST as the main character???!!!…” then watch The Hunt for Red October, still the best Jack Ryan movie to date.

  8. Peter Parker says:

    I’ve loved all of the Jack Ryan movies so far, including the vastly underrated Sum of All Fears. Whilst I havent yet read any of the books, this strikes me less as a “Jack Ryan” movie and more of another sub-standard action flick.
    Trailers don’t always reflect the quality of the product and so I hope this is better than it seems, it certainly has some talented people behind it. And I’m sure plenty will go to see it just for Chris Pine.
    I just really dont want to see another reboot with another actor in the lead role in a few years time

  9. Kristoffer says:

    Jack Ryan is a very bland title. Imagine saying to your friends on a friday night,
    “wanna go see a movie”
    “jack ryan looks ok”

  10. AahzFree says:

    It looks fun and I’m a big fan of Branagh but that’s a very clunky title.