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Episode 12: The Todd Glass Show
Gary Gulman
The Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #12: Gary Gulman

The extremely hilarious and tall Gary Gulman is on the show to make some very inappropriate jokes, tell prison stories, and Blake gets very angry. Again.

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  1. erich baum says:

    I had a dream that I was dating Sarah Silverman and I was so excited because it meant I’d be able to meet and hang out with Todd. Let me ask you. Do you fuck that shit?

  2. JD says:

    As a former member of the US Navy I was actually kind of pissed off that you guys made the low-brow, unoriginal, shitty comments you made. Everyone hears the same shit every day when they join. I’m usually OK with anyone saying anything they want to say, but if you’re going to make jokes about something, don’t rehash the same shit people have been saying for years. If I hear something new, I’ll laugh.

    Otherwise, the show was fucking hilarious. I’m rather torn on how to feel about it but Todd wasn’t really the one who pissed me off. You haven’t lost a listener, but close to it. Thank you for the show.

  3. Jason says:

    Aww, when I listen to Todd I have a GOOD time!

  4. Allan Heifetz says:

    Can someone please tell me how to send my radio sketches to Todd’s show?

  5. Scotty says:

    Hey, I know this seems like maybe an odd questions, but I want to see the picture of that penis drawing. Any chance of that getting posted somewhere? This is for… science.

  6. Clint says:

    I understand Todd… I understand.

  7. Other Ryan says:

    Dear god the bit at the end was hilarious. I have been screaming with laughter.


  8. Corey Young says:

    At the end of this episode I just heard Todd’s voice in my head saying: “What if someone listened to every episode so far and they were on board with all the bits and this is where we lost them. ‘They’re silly, they have fun with the fake mad thing and I know it’s just a bit, I get that, but I think it’s really real this time. You can’t fake that kind of anger, he’s going over the line and insulting Todd’s career and he…oh…I have to turn it off now’…right before we break. That’s where we lose them.”

    I’m glad everyone was out of the office, because I was cackling like a mad man at the end of the episode. Now that I’m typing it out, I think I might need medication.

  9. Joe says:

    Hearing Sarah Silverman’s voicemail reminded me of the girl from Sorry, I just had to put that out there.

  10. Ryan says:

    I solidly second what Rutowski said, except for the song about Jesus. I like the one by the guy that wears a shirt.

  11. Jake Rutkowski says:

    Hi Todd. I love the tuba. I love the political rants. I love the toddlers in tiaras rants. I love all your guests. I’ve been watching since ep. 1 and I have no intention of stopping. You’re always reminding us that your a bit insecure and I can relate to that completely. Its awesome cause it shows us that even though your so awesome your still human, kind of like that song about Jesus by that guy with the face. Anyways, being insecure myself I know how even one positive comment can brighten up my day so here it is: you’re a pretty cool guy with a pretty cool guy podcast.