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Episode 10: The Todd Glass Show
Graham Elmwood
The Todd Glass Show

The Todd Glass Show #10: Graham Elwood

This week we are joined by the wonderful Graham Elwood for some singing, stories from back in the day and characters. Make sure to stick around for the very special and intimate aftershow.

Follow @grahamelwood on Twitter and check out his website.

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  1. thomas says:

    Was all that yelling really a bit?

  2. Gloriana says:

    If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enilgthnmeent.

  3. PhilEger says:

    I have a miserable life and laughter is all I have to medicate myself. This show nearly made me overdose. Keep it up, Todd. Never quit, thin pig.

  4. ben black says:

    This is exactly the show I’ve been waiting for ever since Tod left that other show. I love the freewheeling, almost hallucinatory vibe. Keep it up!

    7 comments!? I ain’t fucking listening to no show with only 7 fucking com- *buh-buh-BWAN-nuh… BUH-BUH-BWAN-NUH-BWAN-NUH-BWAH*

  5. Joe says:

    This podcast is consistently hilarious.

  6. Spraynard Kruger says:

    I have a quick question.

    You fuck that shit?

  7. funnytimehaver says:

    5 stars buddy!
    Another “home run” Dodd. Thanks so much.
    If you like hearing about the latest in NBA lock out news, or cutting edge trade gossip for your fav fantasy football players then the Todd Glass Sports Podcast Crew is a real winning combination. Todd kicks off the podcast each week with a “heavy hitter” guest from the biz, and this week is no exception. Graham Elwood is a real triple threat……
    But seriously Todd, can we get real here- (take a knee) just between you and me- my head hurts. Can you ease off the sports-talk. It’s really not my thing anymore. It’s kind of boring (no offense) and I’ve had about enough of the hockey this and the lacrosse that. Let’s try to re-focus your efforts and stick with what you are good at. Get back to the funny stuff kiddo. Come on-seriously. Back to basics here. Please?
    confused sportsfan guy who just woke up from a 2 month coma, where in his room, a nurse has has been playing the Nerdist’s Todd Glass Podcast on his headphones in hopes of waking sportsfan up and it worked (kind of)

  8. JD Miller says:

    this was very difficult to masturbate to.

  9. Jeremy says:

    You guys. You guys, seriously. I fucking love this podcast so hard. Every bit = awesome as balls.

  10. Brash Candycooter says:

    What’s the email address for this show?