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You Can Sleep at the TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE Gas Station?!

The Sawyer family’s original gas station is getting a restoration—but this time, the folks winding up there won’t have come by accident. With fresh concrete, fresh paint, and a Coca-Cola machine that’s the exact year and model, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station will open for business later this summer.

[As nerdy and obsessive to detail as they are, should we tell them that the original movie had the title tool as “Chain Saw” and not “Chainsaw”? Ehhh, they’ll hear it enough times from the folks who show up.]

Located off Highway 304 in Bastrop, Texas, the restored gas station will sell some frayed, very Leatherface-esque ties in the gift shop, and feature a brand new amenity for the hardcore horrorheads: four cabins in which visitors can stay the night. It’s not clear yet if breakfast is included, but you might want to ask if there’s a vegan option. Once live, the number for reservations will be…(512)-321-SAWS.

This isn’t the first location from the movie to be preserved, as the original farmhouse got a revamp in 1998. Highway construction forced a move, and it now stands in nearby Kingsland, Texas, as a restaurant called The Four Bears. Not a bad legacy for a movie that cost $300,000 to make.

While the official website for the gas station restoration is not yet live (as of the writing up this post), an official Facebook page is documenting the process of rebuilding and restoring. Be sure to give ’em a “Like” if you feel hell for leather bound to live out the movie without the whole brutal death part.

Now, if somebody wants to restore the defunct carnival ground from the second movie, I’ll be there, like, yesterday. Think we could persuade Rob Zombie to do it? Let us know if you’d stay at the Texas Chainsaw Gas Station in comments below.

HT and Image: The Texas Chainsaw Gas Station

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