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The STAR WARS Prequels Edited Into a Single Movie

Ah, the Star Wars prequel trilogies. Episodes I-III of the saga still cause countless arguments among fans. Some love the films, some despise them with a passion, and some – like me – accept them with reservations. The prequels undoubtedly have flaws, and there is definitely room for improvement. For example, we needed to see more of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s relationship. We needed to see more sides of Anakin and Padmé that weren’t all, “Oh, you killed an entire tribe of Tusken Raiders? Let’s hug it out, Annie Wannie Vaderkins.” But I digress. They could have told a stronger story, and Double Digit has taken on the Herculean task of streamlining the three films into a single movie.

Their recut is based on what Topher Grace did two years ago. He edited the Star Wars prequels down to 85 minutes. Grace only shared the film with a select group of friends and press, but he did release a trailer to tease how he altered the movies. Double Digit took a similar approach, but their restructuring, Star Wars: Turn to the Dark Side – Episode 3.1, clocks in at almost three hours.

Double Digit used Grace’s blueprint – it was described by /Film and others – and removed or rearranged the big plot pieces “to strengthen the core relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala.” After all, the prequels are Anakin Skywalker’s story. We need to see as much of him as possible and understand his feelings and motivations. Do Double Digit’s 100+ video and audio edits do a better job at illustrating Anakin’s tragic fall to the dark side? You’ll have to watch and judge for yourself.

Star Wars: Turn to the Dark Side – Episode 3.1 from Double Digit on Vimeo.

If you recut the Star Wars prequel trilogy, what would you change? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Casey Johnston

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  1. Eliot Lopez says:

    De Como conseguir el video de starwars? Ya lo quitaron. 

  2. Matihood1 says:

    Anybody managed to download it before it got removed?

  3. Dave says:

    Video is gone….

  4. Looks like the video got re-posted on Vimeo! It’s now in HD and even addresses some of the continuity issues mentioned in this thread.

  5. tgh says:

    Sort this fcking website out

  6. I am watching it now and I have to say I am SO disappointed. While it made some EXCELLENT choices, it left waaay too much of the Anakin/Padme falling in love crap in. It also cut out the entire section of when Obi-Wan goes to Camino to investigate the cloners. So one minute he is being told by the analyzer droids that they cannot identify the origin of the poison dart, and the next minute ::POOF!:: he is of to Geonosis for absolutely no apparent reason. When questioned by Dooku, he says he is chasing a Bounty Hunter named Jango Fett and that he’s sure he is here on Geonosis. HOW?!? With the edit, Jango’s name hadn’t even been mentioned! The connection between Jango Fett and the assassination attempts no longer exists for our heros in this edit. It’s too big of a leap and makes no sense story wise. Another HORRIBLE mistake this re-edit made is how it BUTCHERED the Battle of Geonosis. It goes from the landing of the Jedi with the Clone Troopers (who, in this cut, always existed as a part of the Republic), to them rescuing the Jedi, to them taking off out of the arena, right to Anakin and Padme’s wedding. So the battle between Obi-Wan/Anakin/Yoda/Dooku never happens and yet Anakin still has an artificial hand. WTF?!?

    If you want to see a really good re-edit, you need to find the cuts called “The Phantom Edit” and “Attack of the Phantom.”

  7. Jam says:

    Once on the internet, always on the internet. If you can’t find it on Vimeo try… well, try turning to the dark side, as it were. 

  8. Dang it, it was removed already. I was curious about it. Thought other commenters here make it

  9. Cliff says:

    Anyone who is cool knows that the big problem with the prequels were that they were written as the story of Anakin. They should have been written as the story of Obi-wan. Check out this video if you haven’t What if Episode 1 Was Good? 

  10. Namssorg says:

    Aaaaand it’s gone.

  11. GreggyJ says:

    And it’s gone

  12. Jonathan says:

    I’m about half way in and only have 4 problems so far:
    1. STILL too much Jar Jar Binks2. Not enough Qui-Gon Jinn3. Obi-Wan ends up on Geonosis looking for Jango Fett without any knowledge that would lead him there.4. Too many lightsaber battles cut out.

  13. DrRunandDash says:

    Very sloppy edit. I especially don’t like how they completely disregarded the events of Episode 1. Wait for Adywan to do a proper re-edit of the material.

    • RG says:

      Yeah, there are a lot of great edits out there which believe in the story but attempt to fix the execution. When you’re throwing out the entire thing, it’s just sort of a sad waste of time and energy.

      I did an edit of the trilogy and I think it turned out decent. Episode I actually feels like a real Star Wars movie if you just cut the worst parts of Jar Jar and a few of Anakin’s bad line readings.

      • DrRunandDash says:

        I heard about an edit that essentially rewrites JarJar’s character as some stranded jedi on Naboo. Haven’t watched it yet, but would definitely pay money to see the version Belated Media pitched.

  14. Brian says:

    Just doing a quick perusal of the edit…  they took out both lightsaber battles with Dooku?  I could be wrong but those do play a fairly large part in the story of Anakin, as his revenge on Dooku to start off episode 3 is the beginning of his downward slide.