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The Sound of Baba Booey

Gary Dell’Abate reviews the Sonos Play:3 wireless streaming music player on this week’s edition of the Nerdist Channel’s They Call Me Baba Booey. It’s wireless, it’s expandable, and it does Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM, iTunes, and more. Gary also talks about some DVR/TiVo options and buying music you already own.

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  1. JonQ says:

    I only searched and watched this video cuz i heard Howard talking about how terrible Gary did on this video! I can see what Howard was talking about with the chin and the teeth fighting the lips. However, I must say I am interested in the sonos system!! Gary, stick to it you’ll do fine! I am a instructor and had to learn of public speaking! Howard your the man!!

  2. William says:

    Hey Gary,
    A fast comment on Howard giving you grief about wanting to be with your family during the storm. You were the man,many years ago, that Howard relied upon to clean up his kleenex before some maid would find it! You are a man that will do what is necessary when the time comes, that says a lot! While not demeaning Howard, he is surrounded by people that will do things for him, so perhaps he just couldn’t wrap his perspective around you being able to do something for yourself when the call rises. Robin’s statements, well we know how Robin is!LOL.( Love them dearly for the record!)You are a man of very good character!
    A Fan

  3. JetFixxxer says:

    The way Howard was going at you, you would have thought it was crap. I did not see anything wrong with it except you did sound like the website even then it wasn’t bad.

  4. jrluke says:

    Faa Faa Foo Hi, not nearly as bad as Howard says and I know you’re going to start being more spontaneous and play to your persona more which will work great. When you know the stuff, and you do, you don’t need to rely on a prefabricated monologue. Don’t let em bring you down, it’s only castles burning etc.

  5. abe says:

    this is the worst peice of broadcasting in broadcasting history

  6. Dave says:

    Great info. Love all things tech and this delivers info quickly. Not the train wreck Howard portends it to be but one thing he is right about. Get off reading script and shoot from the hip, your funny and articulate would like to see more spontaneity. Keep up the good work!

  7. Glenn Abbey says:

    Gary, you did a great job on this. Howard was a little rough but he was right about you lifting your chin. Keep it up! This is great!

  8. SaSa Sonos says:

    Bawf, if I raise my chin, nobody will notice my giant choppers.

  9. Ray says:

    I don’t know what Howard’s talking about. I loved your review and whatever these guys are paying you is worth every penny. After seeing the episode I bought a Sonos and so did my brother and my father. I think he’s still in some 1980’s broadcasting golden era and can’t move. Great job. I’m looking forward to future episodes.

  10. cwolf520 says:

    Gary, Just watched all you episodes (4) of “They Call Me Baba Booie” and found them all interesting. Although the BOSS did not care for them, I liked every one of them. I have the SONOS system and love it. Maybe a future episode wil show you how to get further range on the unit. Everytime I want to move a speaker from inside to the outside, I have to reset it and there are times when the sound breaks up. I am sure there is some FAQ that says to do this or that, but it is not ‘user friendly’. Keep up the good work for us that are less tech savy. Love it and Thanks!!


  11. Bubbatronic says:

    Gary, I don’t know what Howard was talking about. I enjoyed the segment and look forward to more!

  12. shaunja64 says:


  13. Sberko says:

    You and Howard are awesome at your craft! You’re a great pitch man and Howard ropes me in by barading you on the air. Brilliant! Don’t know what I’ll do when you’re gone

  14. Sonos says:

    Please stop reviewing our products! 😉

  15. Jason says:

    Good job, Gary. Cool products too! I had never heard of Sonos, but I want a 2.1 setup now!

  16. steve cosentino says:

    way to go Gary..I always love to hear what you have to say….I am a father of 3 and watching TV when my shows are on is impossible so thanks for the info.

  17. Stoney says:

    Howard might bust your balls Gary, but I find the show informative and fun to watch. Sure the first episode was kind of raw, but your getting better. Looking forward to new shows each week.

  18. Brian says:

    Listening to Howard tear you apart was painful. If it was a fight, they would have stopped it. Brutal. Oh, well. It did drive me to the site, just to see if it was as bad as it sounded. It wasn’t. Head bob, and corny script were a little disconcerting, but really exaggerated on the Stern show. Funny, but exaggerated.

  19. Shane says:

    It’s… Sonos boaf!!!

  20. Jon from NJ says:

    Gary – Man, Howard loves to bust your balls. We know you know he’s just trying to make good radio… you always do a great job. Keep your chin up buddy.

  21. Andrew says:

    Nerdist is a great site but this is horrible. Old gadgets and bad delivery. Its like reading an amazon review. No insight.

  22. leila says:

    OMG.. what an amazing product!! Thx Gary. I want SONOS now!

    I see what Howard was talking about. But for a judge who is so great at constructive criticism, he really did not hold back on you 🙁 All for the good of the show I guess, right?

    Keep up the good work. I would say keep your chin up… but I think that’s not a good idea in this case 😉

  23. Jay says:

    I actually am digging this web site. It’s very informative.
    Gary, your mannerisms don’t bother me at all, in fact, your enthusiasm is what makes the information compelling. Like Howard said today, you need to speak from within yourself and not come off reading it. Make an outline on the subject, not a manuscript.
    This will put you over the top.

  24. Jim g says:

    Gary, I enjoyed the show. Howard is a hyper critical asshole sometimes!

    I am sure it will keep getting better.

  25. Chris says:

    Gary. You did great. I was not bored AT ALL! You are a great spokesperson and It made me want the product! Even the Floyd box set I wanted and I haven’t purchased anything like that for 15 years! I look forward to seeing more of these. Only thing I would say. Just relax a bit more. I did start to notice your head constantly moving looking up. But it did not distract from a job well done!

  26. biggievan says:

    I want to see the outtakes where Booey mops those tombstones with his tongue.

  27. podboy says:

    I couldn’t even focus on the review, I was so distracted by those teeth and gums.

  28. biggievan says:

    “From hubble origins…”

  29. biggievan says:

    Robo Baba Booey. Looks like he is taking invisible uppercuts.

  30. Gary D. says:

    Can’t believe Howard was giving you so much crap on the air today. Thought this episode was really good. Because of you, I’ll be buying both the Sonos and the PF Sets. Keep it going – Well done!
    Gary D.

  31. Blair says:

    Pretty darn informative, Sonos is definitely on my got to have list but man this “Baba Booey” is tough to look at. AND who in their right mind would refer to themselves as “Baba Booey”? I agree with Rob, what is he doing with his neck? Even for an internet show, this gentleman is struggling!!! Maybe he should look into a career in radio!

  32. Rob says:

    This was really informative, but Gary looks like he is stretching his neck the whole time.

  33. CJ says:

    another stellar episode from Gary Dell’Abate …. the day Howard Stern retires? Sirius should start a show with Gary and Fred Norris dealing with technology and trivia 🙂

  34. Gene says:

    I have two friends who each own Sonos systems, and they love it. They both use it for whole home music, and one guy also uses two speakers outside with his outdoor TV. All wireless.

    I have a DISH Hopper, and I love the Primetime Anytime feature. It has been great lately, as the fall season is starting up, because I don’t have to bother with setting a timer for every new show that I *might* be interested in. Also, because everything is recorded automatically, I’m more inclined to watch a one-off broadcast such as the Emmys, which I wouldn’t have set a timer for before.