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The Sony Hack: THE INTERVIEW, North Korea, and What It Means For You

As you know by now, you won’t be seeing Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s The Interview by Christmas. The Sony hack, for all intents and purposes, has succeeded in getting the movie pulled from 18,000 theaters. But how? Why? And what does it mean for the entertainment industry moving forward?

Join Jessica Chobot as she breaks down the way this whole situation has played out, explains what it could mean for both the industry and our national security, and explores this story’s relevance in an already-turbulent year for our country. Heavy stuff! But we owe it to you to try to dig in on today’s Nerdist News.

Thanks for watching today’s show! On a lighter note, hear Kyle Hill explain how Santa Claus totally exists on today’s Because Science, and let’s continue the conversation about the Sony hack in the comments below.

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  1. g33kduck says:

    I think we should hack Isis, al-Qaeda and Iran and leave bread crumbs originating in North Korea… and then make some popcorn.  🙂

  2. Paul B says:

    My god, Jessica has never appeared more hot than when she was complaining about how there are much more news worthy things than this North Korea crap. There is a reason I have checked out of Fox News, MSNBC and everything in between. 

  3. Knighthis says:

    This is Totally Insane! Somewhere in a Pyongyang Bunker there are a bunch of Coke-Bottle Glass Nerds laughing their asses off! “Their going to bomb theaters who dare show this movie?” REALLY?!! So just how many NK spies currently live in the USA? You’re 100,000 times more in danger driving to the theater than having a NK bomber take you out! Get Fucking Real People!

  4. owner says:

    Yo I’ll just leave my email and website to speak for itself.

  5. Ed937 says:

    Man! Why didn’t they demand Sony to give up Spider-Man to Marvel.

  6. RedwoodCoast says:

    Sony  == Greedy, Terrorist Supporting, Cowards who are so inept at operation that its done the wrong thing.

    How Sony’s ineptness at cyber defense a real credible threat to the movie venues patrons. 

    Meh.   At least there been some more important news this week, like US and CUBA having direct communication.

  7. Z-dax says:

    I think it’s ridiculous to allow a backward dictatorship  like North Korea to dictate anything here in the US. Caving to a cyber-attack makes us look weak as hell. 

  8. Brian says:

    No more Jackson. Give the rest of the LotR material to the Cohen Brothers! Enough with the emphasis on CGI crap.

  9. Doh says:

    Money was the issue? well, I will now boycott any Sony Pictures until they release the movie.  

  10. Christian says:

     This is so fucken dumb fucken hell

  11. Christian says:

    So dumb i want to watch the movie

  12. Chris says:

    Jessica is super hot but oh so much more so when cranky

  13. Fract says:

    Oh, come on. This was not an act or a threat of terrorism. The movie was accepted by the people and government of another nation as an act of war. They responded with an act of war. People are making decisions, even if they’re unpopular decisions, trying to defuse the situation to protect the people of both nations. It’s a wise move. Unfortunately, it’s going to cost a few people and couple companies a lot of money. 

    I was really looking forward to The Interview. I hope to see it sometime soon. But this situation has to be settled before that can happen. Strap in, it might be a minute. 

    I should also mention I couldn’t watch the video, the player failed with a bad plugin.

    • American says:

      The people of  North Korea are the victims of that twisted regime.  Sony: stand up for what is right and don’t give in to terrorism. 

      • I agree, but I also have never worked for Sony and had all my stuff hacked. So what about all their employees who had their records dumped on the internet?  What about the theaters’ employees who probably don’t want their stuff hacked and dumped onto the net?  Are they ok taking that risk?  The only way these companies can take a stand is if their networks are invulnerable and they’re quite the opposite right now.

    • The North Korean leadership felt that way.  The people are probably in the dark.  The reason everything’s gotten pulled is the threat of being hacked and having their emails and employee info dumped on the net, not the unlikely threats of actual attacks.  

  14. David says:

    I think Sony’s reaction is bad.  Now it shows if any group doesnt like a movie all they have to do is threaten violence.

  15. HawtMoma says:

    WOW She is annoying, why is she still doing these videos?

  16. Fat Lardashian says:

    Maybe Sony should just start investing in better IT security – and then better movies

  17. POTUS says:


  18. Nzie says:

    Forget insurance – what VOD system is going to host it? I don’t think North Korea even comes close to the ability to do physical damage like a terrorist attack, BUT they clearly do have hackers who have caused trouble for Sony and South Korea. Sony’s records were copied and then their computers wiped. I can’t think of any legitimate website that would want to take the risk, and no illegal streaming sites have the capacity to withstand the risk.