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Tommy Wiseau’s THE ROOM is Finally Getting a Wide Release

Fourteen years ago, The Room amounted from the culmination of filmmaker Tommy Wiseau‘s Hollywood dreams. And despite the lackluster response to its initial two-screen release, The Room been wildly successful as a cult classic that has been embraced as one of the worst movies ever made. Next year, The Room will finally get an extended theatrical release, courtesy of Fathom Events.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, The Room will get a one-night only run in 600 theaters across the country on Wednesday, January 10. Wiseau wrote, produced, financed, directed and starred in The Room as Johnny, while his real life friend Greg Sestero co-starred as Mark, Johnny’s best friend/betrayer. Wiseau envisioned The Room as a tragedy in the vein of Tennessee Williams, although he now describes the film as a black comedy. Trust us, the comedy is unintentional in this one, and that’s why it’s so much fun to watch.

James Franco‘s recent adaptation of The Disaster Artist may bring in viewers who haven’t actually caught the film before. If this is your first time seeing The Room in theaters, we suggest that you brush up on the lyrics to the Full House theme and check to see if plastic spoons are allowed in the screenings. It’s usually the crowds that make The Room an enjoyable experience.

As part of the event, Fathom will debut a new trailer for Best F(r)iends, the latest cinematic collaboration of Wiseau and Sestero. Presumably Wiseau and Sestero will also be interviewed by Fathom Events as part of the lead-in to the movie. Tickets are already available, just check out this link for more info.

Are you excited to see The Room finally reach a wider audience? You’re tearing us apart in the comment section below!

Images: Wiseau-Films

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