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The Rock Teases His DC Movie Role

Is The Rock confirming his Captain Marvel/Shazam role for the DC Cinematic Universe in the video below? The actor, in this interview with Total Film, dropped a couple of hints about the character that he’s playing, one which will be announced “very soon.”

And it’s not Green Lantern, John Stewart – The Rock nixes that rumor right off the bat, saying that he lobbied to play the character for a while before landing the mystery role. That leaves the other rumored role, Captain Marvel, the Fawcett-turned-DC character and sometimes Justice League member. There’s an interesting bit here where The Rock talks about some of the “baggage” he might bring to any DC role and I’m kind of wondering what it means in this context. I have a theory that we might see a heel turn on screen for the actor in the Captain Marvel corner of DC’s movies.

For those of you unfamiliar with Captain Marvel, he’s the Superman-like character who leaps into action when teen Billy Batson calls out the magic word “SHAZAM.” The call turns Billy into Captain Marvel, granted super strength and abilities, along side a cast of dangerous villains and monsters. The Rock would fit right in with that part, and it’s hard to imagine his time as a beloved WWE wrestler and action star would really make it hard for either comics fans or a general audience to see him in that role.

But what if he’s making a heel turn? What if he’s playing Black Adam instead of Captain Marvel? The current phase of DC movies is keen on having villains that the super powered heroes can punch, and no one is more punchable than Black Adam, the despot who has the same powers as Captain Marvel, but none of the qualms about wrecking fools. Then again, this is wishful thinking on my part, and you don’t hire the Rock to play the bad guy in your fledgling comic movie franchise.

Remember, outside of his part in Doom, he’s never really had other roles as the straight-up bad guy on screen. Goofy comic fan confession, but it’s the Rock’s voice that I hear when I read Black Adam in the comics, all swagger and bass even when he’s not being an outright villain (see the start of his excellent storyline in 52).

In any event, we’ll find out who the Rock is playing soon – possibly during Comic-Con, I’d imagine.

[Source: Screen Rant]

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  1. Michael says:

    At the very end of the clip, it seems to me that, he gives another clue that no one has mentioned. He says, “Just say the word” and then smiles coyly and says, “That’s all I’m going to say”.

    The word would be SHAZAM!!!

    So, no Black Adam!

    • federico says:

      black adam also transforms with the word SHAZAM… so don’t discard him yet 🙂

  2. wadebran says:

    They had better not call him Shazam (current comics continuity notwithstanding). He’s been Captain Marvel for over 70 years. The name is iconic.

  3. Keith Brown says:

    Anytime I hear someone yell out SHAZAM I don’t think Captain Marvel, all I think is Jim Nabors showing up as Gomer Pyle !

  4. Apparently, what he brings to the table is the ability to play an adult with the mentality of an 8-year-old. This…actually isn’t bad casting.

    • ClasikRok says:

      I agree 100%, I can totally see him playing it as a kid in an Adult body. HOWEVER, DC seems to be going All-Dark, All-Gritty, ALL THE TIME…so it seems unlikely that it’ll go that way. Unless the movie will be outside the Man of Steel/Dawn of Justice/Justice League continuity. Either way, his involvement is STILL exciting news, and I can’t wait for the update on who he’ll be portraying. If you smell what I’m cooking lol

  5. SteveK says:

    Or he could be Doomsday…

  6. SteveK says:

    Well, I could see him as Cyborg, the Martian Manhunter…any number of JLA members.

  7. personally if it were my choice, since this character has the power of Superman (obviously SHAZAM) i’d rather him play the MAIN MAN Lobo!!!