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The Queen of England’s GAME OF THRONES Visit Crushed Our Iron Throne Dreams

If anything, we suppose the Queen was trying to save us all (us = the Internet) from ourselves during her visit to the Game of Thrones set at Titanic Studios in Belfast. Because even though it was the question on everyone’s minds — will her highness sit atop the royal Westerosi throne? — it was not, apparently, in the cards for us to see her and her corgis grace the sword-forged seat. Perhaps it’s for the best? I mean, wouldn’t we have collectively combusted should a photo of such an occurrence exist?

This is what we’re telling ourselves, at least, to sooth the pain of not seeing The Queen prop her royal tushie atop the thousands of iron swords that make up the deadliest royal chair in this world (or theirs), the Iron Throne. It is sort of a shame, though: isn’t it? I mean look at that face — that is the face of a Queen contemplating becoming a meme if ever we’ve seen one:

Perhaps all she needed was a bit more of an egging on: surely Lena Heady could’ve done a bit of that (she is quite the cheeky one, after all). We suppose that would be a very American suggestion, though: to speak out of turn to the Queen and suggest she do something utterly silly and ridiculous that she might later come to regret.

There’s even video of her visit (the Iron Throne bit coming in around the 26:00 mark):

Ugh, still: wouldn’t it have been the best? Guess we’ll just have to rely on everyone’s photoshop-based dream-renderings from here on out. Seen any good ones? Post ’em in the comments!

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  1. ROFLCOPTER says:

    A.  She would have died soon after sitting on it.  B.  Americans make “cheeky” suggestions to elected officials because we do not have a Monarchy or Royalty, unless you count Apple, McDonalds, GM, Microsoft, Google…

  2. Blair says:

    Prince Phillip looks way too much like Walder Frey to be anywhere near the Iron Throne. Keep your ears peeled for the Rains of Castermere!!!!

  3. evan says:

    some lady with a trash bin on her head in england sees some movie props who the fuck cares.

  4. boB says:

    If Prince Harry was there, he would have tried to do a sex scene with Rose Leslie.

  5. Darlynn Dragon says:

    She is a true Queen. She knows it is treason to usurp another monarch’s throne 🙂

  6. Ricky Lloyd says:

    I, for one, would rather see Philip upon the Iron Throne.

  7. Hulkster says:

    (the Iron Throne bit coming in around the 36:00 mark): not 26:00

  8. Hodor says:


  9. I refuse to believe she said anything less than “You know nothing, Jon Snow” to Kit.