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The PREACHER Season 2 Trailer is Full of Easter Eggs

Get ready for some serious bar brawling, gunplay, and supernatural action, because AMC’s full trailer for Preacher Season Two has arrived–packed full of treats from the original comic by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.
From momentary hints to major character introductions and lots in between, there’s loads here to get fans of the source material wondering if their favorite villains/storylines/plot twists/hilariously ultraviolent panels have made it into the show.

First, let’s look at the trailer:

Pretty great, right? Now let’s dissect the heck out of it, and we’ll start with this guy:


He showed up briefly in Season One, mostly in shadow and wearing a hat at the snuff film screening, but here he is in all his scary glory. A bald man with an appetite for gore and white suits who has a huge painting of Jesus in his office? It can only be Herr Starr, leader of the religious paramilitary organization The Grail. Based on his line delivery in the trailer, it’s not clear whether the show will stick with his German background. All we can say for sure is that Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy should watch their backs.

Speaking of which, their journey to find God has led them to New Orleans, which is where the cracks in their bond start to show. During this story arc in the comic, Jesse undergoes a transcendental voodoo journey into the depths of his psyche, we discover what kind of person Cassidy really is, and Tulip tries to keep everyone from getting killed.



New Orleans is also where Cassidy meets Eccarius, a fellow vampire who’s basically stepped out of a knockoff Anne Rice novel. Although Eccarius isn’t in the trailer, there’s every chance he could show up this season, since the contrast between his Gothy angst and Cassidy’s DGAF attitude is right up Rogen and Goldberg’s street.


But the road to call out God is paved with angry law enforcement, so Jesse and Tulip also have to square off against state troopers. The most effective method, obviously, is to coerce them via the power of Genesis to hold hands, because nothing is funnier than two men engaging in non-hostile physical contact, or something.


This could be a TV-friendly nod to Jesse’s much more graphic use of Genesis early in the comic, when he tells Sheriff Root to “Go f*** yourself.” Root follows these orders to the letter by inserting a key part of his anatomy into another key part of his anatomy (a scene mercifully played out off-panel). Such is the power of Genesis.

And now, as per the advice of Vanessa Williams, we’ve saved the best for last. It’s the Saint of Killers, coming to a preacher’s road trip near you!


The Saint crosses paths with Jesse throughout the comic, perhaps as a sort of warning: live by the cowboy code, risk dying by the cowboy code. It’s not all bloody bullet-riddled encounters–conversations with the Saint impart a few hard lessons about revenge and masculinity–but the ongoing battles of Jesse vs. the Saint do provide some of the comic’s most jaw-dropping moments. This season is going to get raw. I for one cannot wait.

Which moments from the Preacher comic are you looking forward to seeing in Season Two? Sound off in the comments!

Images: AMC, DC Comics/Vertigo

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