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The POWER RANGERS Get Shiny in Their New Movie Poster, and More Movie News

Happy Hump Day, everybody! In today’s Movie Morsels, we’re rolling into the second half of this here work week with a dynamic new image from the Power Rangers reboot. Plus, the latest casting news on Alita: Battle Angel has us smiling, the trailer for Amy Schumer‘s latest has us laughing, and much more…

Power Rangers

While I think the new Power Rangers suits, as illustrated in the poster below, are a darn sight sleeker, sexier, and, yes, shinier than the uniforms of the original television team, there’s something about them that feels…familiar. Hey, is it just me or do these things look a whole heckuva lot like something Tony Stark might wear to a Daft Punk concert?


Alita: Battle Angel


Labyrinth, Phenomenon, The Rocketeer, Dark City… There was once a time when Jennifer Connelly was darn near synonymous with quality big screen fantasy and science fiction. Then came that pesky Oscar for A Beautiful Mind and the likes of Dark Water and The Day the Earth Stood Still remake. *Sigh* Well, I’m happy to hear that the actress will take another stab at my favorite genre in James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel adaptation. Connelly will play one of the film’s villains, so at least we know this production is unafraid to cast against type.

[The Hollywood Reporter]


Wondering what the deal was with that music video Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn released a few months back? The one featuring the two of them cavorting to Beyonce’s “Formation”?  The comedy heavyweights were in the midst of shooting their latest film Snatched, a new trailer for which has just been released online…

[Cieon Movies]


And speaking of new trailers, Arnold Schwarzenegger sports a pretty sweet grey beard in the new preview for Aftermath. Directed by Elliott Lester, the film is based on the real life story of the Überlingen midair plane collision, which resulted in the murder of a Swiss air traffic controller by a Russian architect who blamed him for the deaths of his wife and two children in the crash.


The Fast and the Furious

Furious 7 Vin Diesel

Heads up, Fast and Furious fans! You’ve got more to look forward to than The Fate of the Furious. Fast and Furious Live is a touring stunt show that will be hitting arenas across the country next year. The show is said to include “re-creations of some of the stunts and cars in the eight-film franchise with performance drivers and authentic digital projections.” No word on the dates or locations yet, but the tour starts in January 2018, and you can bet your Dodge Charger we’ll keep you posted!


You Can Choose Your Family

Hot Pursuit

Funnyman Jim Gaffigan (pictured above in 2015’s Hot Pursuit) is making his way back to your local theater. The comedian, author, and Fargo TV star is teaming up with Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment and Cold Iron Pictures for You Can Choose Your Family. Gaffigan will play “the seemingly normal father of a loving family. However, his home life is hilariously turned upside down when his 17-year-old son discovers that his dad has a second family.” Since much of Gaffigan’s comedy deals with fatherhood, this sounds like it’s well within his wheelhouse. The film starts production in May and will be the narrative directorial debut of Swiss Army Man and Diary of a Teenage Girl producer and documentary director Miranda Bailey.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


If you’re afraid you might have missed some of the cosmic significance behind that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer that unspooled during the Super Bowl last weekend, fear not! We broke the whole thing down for you.


A Cure for Wellness


Finally today… Gore Verbinski’s A Cure for Wellness brings its surreal horror to theaters next week, on February 17th. Wondering if it’s worth taking two hours out of your life and 10 bucks out of your wallet for? Read our review!


What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know below!

Featured Image: Lionsgate

Images: Tri-Star, Universal, Warner Bros., Marvel/Disney, 20th Century Fox

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