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THE OUTER LIMITS Film Adaptation Coming From SINISTER Duo

With Doctor Strange and Sinister 2 currently in the midst of pre-production, you imagine the last thing on director Scott Derrickson’s mind would be locking down more projects to take on (though he isn’t directing Sinister 2) with his already busy schedule, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s done just that. The horror director has been tapped to re-team with Sinister partner and AICN alum C. Robert Cargill to co-write an adaptation of 1960s favorite, The Outer Limits.

For the film, the duo has chosen to adapt a single episode, Demon with a Glass Hand, an episode written by a favorite of the writing team, Harlan Ellison (the main character of Sinister, Ellison Oswalt, was even named after the famed writer).

According to The Hollywood Reporter ,“The duo will be tackling time travel, alien invasion and genetic manipulation in adapting the episode, which focused on a man with no memory beyond the last 10 days and a computerized hand who discovers he is from the future. The man is being hunted by an alien race who see him as key to their survival but he soon discovers a more complex and terrifying truth.”

The report also claims the script will be written while Derrickson is in prep on Doctor Strange, which just locked in writer Jon Spaihts to pen the script. There’s currently no mention in the report if Derrickson will take a seat in the director’s chair for the adaptation, though that does seem to be the implication.

Are you looking forward to an Outer Limits film? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. RRP says:

    Anything that brings more attention to the brilliant original is a good thing.

  2. Phil says:

    Wasn’t Demon with the Glass Hand the one where James Cameron was forced to acknowledge Harlan Ellison for plagiarism?

  3. RickR says:

    No point, really. The original was excellent and atmospheric, Ellison already got his pound of flesh by accusing Cameron of stealing his work for Terminator, and while a “remake” might be interesting (the Glass Hand effect would be much better with it an actual functional hand and done with CGI or practical effect), it’s not necessary.

  4. sambo says:

    No.  The original was just fine. Come up with something original – if you even have that ability.

  5. Chainsaw says:

    A Harlan Ellison movie adaptation?
    Mr. Derrickson is brave, I give him that.