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THE ORIGINALS Boss Teases Claire Holt’s Return as Rebekah and More

The Original sister is back!

Claire Holt once again makes her big return to The Originals in tonight’s episode, “The Axeman’s Letter.” And while she only shows up in the flashbacks — which are currently telling the story of when the Original siblings first discovered how to sire other vampires and what their abilities are — executive producer Michael Narducci reveals that she will also return in present day “very soon.”

But when Nerdist asked The Originals showrunner if she would show up in her original body (a.k.a. played by Holt) or by the witch body Rebekah is currently in (played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers), he gave us a very surprising answer: both!

“Why would you want to have to choose?” Narducci says. “I love both of those amazing actors and we’re fortunate enough that we’ve got a storyline that will have to resolve Rebekah in Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ body and pick up with what’s going on with the original body as well. In not too long, you’ll understand how that’s all going to play out.”

In tonight’s present day storyline, fans will finally get to see Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) ex-love and Rebekah’s first sired vampire Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) arrive in New Orleans, and she’s bringing chaos and surprising revelations with her.

“She slaughtered a monastery full of monks, dove off a cliff, poisoned the one prognosticating witch who was the key to deciphering the prophecy and now she’s showing up to get into all kinds of trouble assuming that Klaus will want to see her even though they broke up a thousand years ago,” Narducci says with a laugh. “She’s kind of like the ex-girlfriend from hell. I think she sounds perfect for Klaus. We are going to play what nature their interaction is.”

The Originals

He continues, “We talked about it in the room as that person who you were once with who, there was an insane chemistry, but it did not work out in a very major way. But it’s like that great quote, relationships that do not end well, never end at all. So when they see each other, there’s a lot of sparks and fire and all that stuff.”

And while Klaus is dealing with his old flame coming back into his life a thousand years later, the episode will also reveal some shocking truths about his past, and as a result, some long-held loyalties will shift in extremely surprising ways.

“By the end of the episode you’re going to have a sense of how the dynamics are shifting,” Narducci says. “Maybe there are some people who we thought were at each other’s throats who might have some different motives, and there will be a new landscape by the end of [episode] 5 and that landscape will shift in the next few episodes. That builds to the last episode of our regular run leading up to the holidays where everything explodes and some tragic things happen because of shifting alliances. I can’t say too much [about it yet].”

And expect the tense dynamic between Original brothers Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus to reach a whole new level.

“It is a very complicated relationship between Elijah and Klaus that has been very one sided [so far],” Narducci says. “Klaus owes Elijah an apology and Elijah is one that is refusing to forgive. That relationship gets confusing when [Aurora] returns and reveals some sins that the brothers committed in the very distant past, and that puts the family at odds when they should be most united. The consequences will reverberate for the rest of this chapter.”

What happened in the past that will have such major consequences for the brothers in the present? Hit the comments section below with your guesses now!

Images: The CW

The Originals airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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