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The Original X-MEN Animated Theme Goes Metal

Last weekend, X-Men: Apocalypse reigned at the box office as the number 1 film in North America. But 24 years ago, it was the X-Men animated series on Fox that brought a new generation of fans to Marvel’s mutant heroes. Along with that show came a very memorable opening theme, which is getting the metal treatment!

Eric Calderone (a.k.a. Erock) has released his new metal take on the classic X-Men animated music, which appropriately opens with the voice of the late John Colicos as Apocalypse. The video posted above is actually Calderone’s second crack at the X-Men. Back in 2011, he debuted his first attempt on YouTube. It’s not quite as polished as his latest version, but it’s still quite good!

It’s amazing that the X-Men have had six feature films and yet the composers have yet to come up with a piece of music for the team that even comes close to the iconic animated theme. John Ottman’s X-Men theme from X2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse is actually quite good. It just doesn’t have the staying power of that original cartoon’s theme song.

As much as director Bryan Singer’s X-Men films get credit for ushering in the age of the comic book blockbusters, those movies owe a huge debt to the X-Men animated series. Without that show’s five season run, would we have had any live-action X-Men movies? Thankfully, we don’t have to find out.

Our associate editor, Kyle Anderson recently wrote a multi-part retrospective about the first season of the X-Men animated series, which you can read here. As for Calderone, you can check out more of his metal covers at his YouTube channel or check out his official site at

What did you think about Calderone’s covers of the X-Men animated series theme? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

Image: Marvel Comics

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