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The Next Four DC Universe Movies After BATMAN V SUPERMAN!

Welcome back from the long weekend, pals! Shall we, as Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face would say, “Start this party with a bang”?

On today’s Nerdist News, guest host Dan Casey of The Dan Cave is walking you through a major Warner Bros. reveal – they just registered the domain names for four movies likely to be the next DC Cinematic Universe flicks after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! What are they, what do they tell us about the future of the DC Cinematic Universe, and who might be involved? You’ll have to watch the show to find out!

Thanks for watching today, don’t miss tomorrow’s show, and let us know in the comments below how you feel about the next few years of the DCCU!

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It’s Official: A Massive Shark (Probably) Ate The Missing Great White


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Watch This Guy Break Open Some Cattails



  1. Arwen says:

    Love the Hannibal t-shirt Dan.

  2. dude says:

    After seeing how bad the green lantern was and how terrible all the superman movies are I’ll pass on seeing anymore DC films.

  3. Pat says:

    Aquaman should star Adrian Grenier and be directed by James Cameron. how else could it possibly happen?

  4. Tyler says:

    Yeah thesee trademarks are all old, IGN already corrected their story, you guys really should too.

  5. Jason Scott says:

    By just do you mean in 1999 and 2001? lol

  6. Scott says:

    Dan Casey…looking forward to The Flash and hope that they can nail Darkseid.