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The New STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer Has Arrived!

The wait is finally here, friends. After months and months of anticipation, with only a few little snippets of new Star Wars awesomeness to tide us over, we finally got our next big (and we’re talking BIG) look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a mere two months before its theatrical release. And all we had to do was sit through half of a Giants and Eagles football game. Not the worst, I guess.

Okay! Well, first impression is that it seems like all of the Rebellion’s victories were for naught. People seem to have forgotten what happened above the forest moon of Endor, or they’re too far out in the Outer Rim to have felt the effects. An Empire is vast, and maybe just killing the Emperor and destroying yet another Death Star wasn’t really enough to change the tide of the whole galaxy. We also have to wonder if the First Order are in power or just a weird offshoot. Let’s not forget that the good guys this time out are called “The Resistance.” So, what are they resisting if the Rebel Alliance did indeed win?

Beyond that, I think I was right in my earlier estimation that Luke Skywalker, who still does not feature in the trailer, is going to play a very small part, possibly as the thing/person everybody’s looking for. “The Search for Skywalker” if you will. Han and Chewie seem to be pretty huge parts and we saw Leia in both the poster and briefly in this thing, hugging Han, so she’s around, but where, oh where, is Luke? Perhaps Han joins Rey and Finn to find him?

Kylo Ren looks even scarier than before and Finn looks way outmatched when we see the two about to cross swords. He also seems to be torturing Poe Dameron about something. He’s also worshiping at the altar of Vader, which can’t be a good sign for anybody. Rey is “nobody” when asked, which we know is false since it seems like she’s clearly the main character of the thing. And Finn was raised to be a Stormtrooper but has lost his way, which is fine by us because he looks like a major badass.

Those battle scenes, though! They look UNREAL! I think these will be possibly the greatest X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter things we’ll have ever seen. Poe Dameron gets to fly and be a hero as we all hope he would be, and as we know the First Order’s base, as seen in an early shot, is in the snow, it looks like either the first or last huge battle will take place there. Bring the fight to ’em, I always say.

And wanna know what the folks in the office had to say? Enjoy a reaction video from Nerdist’s editorial staff which is full of squees and yelps of Star Wars goodness!

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you as jazzed as I am now that we’ve seen the kind of, yes I’ll say it, epicness that J.J. Abrams hath wrought? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Lucasfilm/Disney

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