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The New “Prometheus” Trailer In All Its Glory

The new full trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus hit the Internet this weekend, and the preview of the sort-of-prequel (okay, it’s basically a prequel) to Alien is getting a lot of positive buzz since premiering at WonderCon. The trailer builds nicely from exposition to suspense to terror and yes, we’ll all probably be queuing up the weekend it comes out, because the right buttons are being pushed here.

“Big things have small beginnings”? This doesn’t look small at all.

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  1. Spray-Tan says:

    @ tim, So it is about the mysterious space jockeys. That sounds like a prequel to me.

    Also, Weyland is played by guy pierce in one of the new viral prometheus ads. My prequel radar is going off the charts. Ridley will surprise us i’m sure, i don’t expect to see aliens, but if this is in the same universe and takes place before the events of alien, i say prequel.

  2. Tim says:


    Beaks: What’s exciting about PROMETHEUS to me is that it feels, on one level, like you’re using the bait of ALIEN to bring people into a smart science-fiction film they might otherwise avoid if they didn’t suspect it was connected to a popular franchise.

    Sir Ridley Scott: That’s a good way of putting it

    Lindelof: It’s feels a little more manipulative than we would put it probably, but it’s not the most unfair characterization.

    Scott: The very loose target was that nineteen months ago. Then what happened was you get an idea, which is the starting spec, and the evolution occurs. It just moved further and further away from that original thought that you specified. It has nothing to do with that now. It begs much larger, more interesting questions.

    Lindelof: I think that the creative process was such that I was coming at it from the fanboy perspective, which is “If Ridley Scott is going to do a science-fiction movie, do I want to see any of that stuff?” Yeah, I want to see some of it, but I don’t want it to be about that. From Ridley’s point of view, he said, “I did that in 1979, and I’m not looking to outdo myself or repeat myself. I want to do something new.” Yet there is a certain cool familiarity. There’s something about saying, “I’ve recorded a new album, but in the encore I might play a couple of the songs from earlier albums.” That’s what the fan experience wants to be, and we tried to craft the movie accordingly.

    Beaks: We’ve seen the Space Jockey. You talk about the evolution, but were there certain elements from ALIEN that you always wanted to incorporate?

    Scott: No plan. The starting block had a kind of general, generic… well, actually, one specific question: “Who are they and why?” Then “Who are they and why?’ started to get answered, and that’s where you get the complete branch-out into, honestly, another universe.

  3. RobMcColl says:

    As long as Gieger get’s the credit for the art and design i am happy.

  4. Spray-Tan says:

    @ tim, not to be a jerk, but everything you said has already come out of Ridley Scott’s mouth. But this is clearly a direct alien prequel, i saw a face hugger, the space jockey, even the abandoned ship from alien. Mr. Scott likes to be cryptic and probably said it wasn’t a prequel because he doesn’t want to give people the impression that there are going to be xenomorphs running around. Fassbender even said it’s an alien prequel.

  5. TIm says:

    Looks awesome, but it is not, nor has it ever really been, an Alien prequel. Sir Ridley himself confirmed this in interviews at Wondercon over the weekend.

    Yes, the root of the idea is from something seen in Alien, but that’s just a jumping off point into another universe. I’m being vague to avoid spoilers.

    It makes no difference to me. It looks like it will be great.

  6. Ken MC says:


  7. Sam says:

    OSH KOSH B’GOSH! I think I see a facehugger around the 2:03-2:04 mark!
    Nerd boner.

  8. Nick says:

    Can’t wait for Ridley’s planned Blade Runner sequel either…

  9. Spray-Tan says:

    Me so excited! Thanks Mr. Scott for not giving up on sci fi.