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The MYTHBUSTERS Take Comic-Con Into Their Own Hands

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman’s panel at Comic-Con opened like many episodes of MythBusters have ended—with explosions. After a brief montage of 11 years worth of carnage, Adam and Jamie took the stage. There was no moderator for the duo, as in years past. No, Adam and Jamie walked out to a crowd of thousands, stood right up on the panel table, and sat down on it to address the crowd. This year, they would talk about whatever we wanted.

Yes, the entire panel was Adam and Jamie taking audience questions. Here are a few highlights:

What was a myth too dangerous to test?

There is a story about a trucker who spilled his payload of liquid oxygen on an asphalt road, Adam explained. Because liquid oxygen provides the catalyst—oxygen—to fuel the most ferocious of fires and even explosions, the liquid oxygen transformed the road into what was effectively a bomb. Adam and Jamie started experimenting with the stuff, only to abandon the myth. “Ask a chemist,” Adam told us, “it’s the scariest stuff on Earth.”

What was the most painful myth to test?

Adam explained that when Jamie and he decided to test who had a higher pain threshold, Jamie had no mercy. He told Adam that he would shoot him in the exact same place every time. After hitting Adam directly in the belly button three times in a row, Adam, on his knees with pain, conceded.

What is coming up for MythBusters?

Showing two teasers—one for the current season and one for the next season—Adam and Jamie wowed the crowd with how much more cinematic the upcoming episodes of the show will be. They will be going back to their roots and will show much more of the process behind their builds. “Being a maker makes us superheroes… It makes us who we are,” Jamie said to the attendees. “That’s why Batman and Ironman are the best superheroes,” claimed Adam.

Oh, and they are doing another Star Wars special.


How do Adam and Jamie like Comic-Con?

Adam loves the convention. Every year he cosplays in outfits that take him literally years to build and challenges people to recognize him walking the floor. Jamie has a different tactic. While he wants to see all the booths, he knows he will get stopped too much to really enjoy it. So he tried a little experiment this year, which we saw on video at the panel. Taking cues from famous actors, Jamie decided to walk the floor but never stop moving. And for every question or request for a picture that he got, he would simply answer, “Sure!” The video shows Jamie constantly on the move while Comic-Con attendees swarmed around him, trying to take pictures of the never-stopping maker. The tactic seemed to work, though it was hard for Jamie not to “crack up laughing” while agreeing to pictures without stopping.

What was the most expensive myth to bust?

With two rockets each costing 10,000 dollars; the last iteration of the rocket car was the duo’s most expensive myth. And with all that power strapped to the vehicle, it didn’t even make it off the ramp. It exploded. Adam told the crowd they could do better. “We could blow up money… the MythBusters version of makin’ it rain!”

What are the best explosions?

Water heaters. Period.

What was the most educational myth for the duo?

For Adam, it was amazing to him that you swim just as fast in syrup as you do in water. Though the more viscous syrup puts more drag on you, the higher viscosity also gives each stroke more oomph. Jamie couldn’t think of any myth that taught them more than “lead balloon.” All the meticulous planning that comes along with working on a heavy material thinner than human hair was an incredible learning experience that tested the limits of their imaginations and making skills.

By giving their panel to the people, Savage and Hyneman are continuing to do exactly what they’ve set out to do with MythBusters and other projects like—helping people embrace the validation and empowerment that comes along with experimentation, imagination, and a love of learning.

The new season of MythBusters is currently airing Thursdays on The Discovery Channel.

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  1. sunpech says:

    This was the first time at SDCC that they went w/o a moderator. In 2010, 2012, and 2013 SDCC panels they had a moderator. Last year it was Wil Wheaton. I’m not sure about 2011.

  2. Austin says:

    Saw them last year at DragonCon, there was a long delay to start the panel because the AV guy couldnt get their video to play. They got tired of waiting on the fix and just ran on stage to do a very similar panel of just answering questions. Very cool guys. 

  3. Thatguy says:

    Any chance this will get uploaded somewhere?

    • Argyle says:

      Last years.. pretty much everything… was on hulu last year a couple of weeks later. 
      Maybe it will happen again? 

  4. Ray (S2) says:

    Someday I’ll dredge the money up to get back to SDCC.
    (Someday I’ll also stop nitpicking, but until then:  Technically, “the last iteration of the rocket car” was the non-explosive 10th Anniversary “Mission Accomplished” where they launched 2 cars off the ramp.  It was during the previous attempt in the “Supersized” Special that the Impala in question went BOOM, and (there’s that word again) technically that Did make it off & over the ramp.  Just not as far they planned.

  5. JamesF says:

    Pretty awesome careers, I have so much more mythbusters to watch being in the UK n all, not sure if I’ve seen the first star wars special

  6. Cleasai says:

    I’m still bummed I couldn’t get in. The lines for this years panels were the worst to date.

  7. Those guys are awesome