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The Muppets Wanna Know ‘What’cha Want’ In Their Beastie Boys Cover

Sometimes we miss the days of MTV being a 24/7 music video escape. Then we remember that it’s 2014, we have computers the size of phones, and the internet has evolved to give us what we really always wanted to see anyway: awesome music mashed up with some of our favorite Muppets.

Instead of tuning into the excellent music video featuring the Beastie Boys, or the original Muppets video in which Animal, Beaker, and the Swedish Chef tackle “Danny Boy”,  it’s time to flip to the YouTubes for the best of both worlds as the puppet trio explode lyrically to the rhymes of Mike D, Ad-Rock, and MCA.

The video is brought to you by isthishowyougoviral. Check out all the great mashups he’s created of your favorite Muppets with what we’re sure the kids will someday be calling “classic” music. We just think it’s rocking.

Real talk though: Shouldn’t there be an awesome channel on our streaming devices that’s devoted to this kind of performance? Why isn’t there? We need more Muppets in our life, and we need them now. The bands that could be created are mind-boggling, and we think the viewing public of the internet is in desperate need of some well-timed mixing that includes a few tracks from Nanny, some quality duets from Camilla and Gonzo, and maybe an aria from Miss Piggy. Who knows? She could usher in a whole new appreciation for bringing down the house when the fat lady sings. Statler & Waldorf could even have their own review show!

Really, with the grand history of Muppet bands, this is a thing that surely needs to happen! We’d watch it all the time.

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  1. bastien says:

    Chef looks more cut out to be in Sabotage

  2. parisindy says:

    love love love my beastie boys and my muppets <3