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THE MUPPETS Recap: “Going, Going, Gonzo”

It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the lights! It’s time for a recap of The Muppets tonight! Hey, did someone post #notmymuppets in the comments yet? It’s happened every week so far and it’s interesting to see people put so much passion into going out of their way to publicly dislike something. If If nothing else, the internet is consistent.

If you’ve read any of my previous recaps you’d know that I have an unabashed love for this show so far and find it hard to pick it apart (a talent I usually pride myself on). The way ABC has brought the show into modern television is done surprisingly well and tonight’s episode was no exception. This show is stupendous. There were a few side plots at work, but “Going, Going, Gonzo” just felt like a team effort. Small asides along the main plot line could barely be called B and C plots, which was kind of a refreshing break from the program’s normal format. The show usually does an equal A and B plot with a minor C plot, and that might be the closest I’ve come to criticizing the series so far. Let’s get through the meat of the episode and move onto it’s wonderful dessert of an Animal/Dave Grohl drum battle.


As one could surmise, “Going, Going, Gonzo” focused mainly on everyone’s favorite weirdo. After a fairly calamitous workplace accident during a duet between Piggy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gonzo is reminded of the stunt that got away.

He had always regretted not completing a stunt in his “The Great Gonzo” days that involved him being shot out of a cannon over “Cactus Gorge”. With the help of Piggy’s new brand of water — which somehow has butter as an ingredient — Kermit facilitates a version of the stunt high atop the studio buildings to be featured on the show. However, it slowly occurs to Gonzo that his stuntman days might be over.

While all this is being prepared, Scooter — reeling from his brush with danger — turns to the band for some edgy excitement and settles on having Janice pierce his ear. This does not end up as expected. If you’ve been watching the show, you know by now that Scooter is quite possibly the lamest yet most endearing character of the series. He’s a man…. err… Muppet-child with no real experience in the world outside of work. His home life is exceedingly sheltered to the point where he thinks words like “darn” are swears. Bearing that in mind, it was quite a surprise to the audience (and the band) to have him freak out and basically beat the crap out of the band and Animal.

Gonzo’s stunt ends up getting cancelled when Kermit realizes he’s just too afraid to do it. The two share some kind words while Dave Grohl and the band play “Learn to Fly”. It’s Kermit’s belief in Gonzo that causes him to gain the courage to run to the roof and finally perform the stunt, even though it isn’t being broadcast. Seeing Gonzo follow his dream and Kermit reassuring his pal was one of the better moments of the series so far, and it was nice to see two friends share a sincerely happy moment of accomplishment.

Alright, let’s talk about what we already brought you earlier today- Drum Battle: Animal vs. Dave Grohl

A battle between these two drummers had to happen eventually and it’s fantastic that we get to witness it. The two leave everything out on the battlefield, even demolishing their kits in the process. In the end, they both admit defeat to each other, so I suppose it’s a draw.

Muppet Musings

  • JGL’s fleecing of the poker game was great if for no other reason than the self-deprecating analysis of his part in Looper
  • Pepe and Rizzo are still my favorites and as much as I want an entire episode (or series) around them, I can’t help but think they might be better in the small dose we get.

  • Scooter is really the un-sung hero of the Muppet world. He’s the perfect combination of dumb sweetheart mixed with Dwight Schrute and Principal Skinner.
  • Awesome though it was, the drum battle can’t hold a candle to the Buddy Rich one from 1981

What’s you think of “Going, Going, Gonzo”? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: ABC

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