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The Most Spoilery “Prometheus” Trailer Yet!!

Dude, 20th Century Fox must really be worried about people seeing Prometheus. On top of the two trailers and awesome viral campaign commercials, we now have yet another, longer, and more thing-filled trailer. Be warned, people: There are spoilers galore in this one. If you truly want to know nothing, well, then it’s probably too late, but if you don’t want to know any MORE about the movie, do NOT watch this trailer, and certainly do not read the next paragraph when I discuss it a bit.

We good? Everybody in? Spoilers okay? Okay.

FUCK. Each and every trailer I watch of this makes me more and more worried that I’m actually going to crap my pants in the theater. Will I have to wear Depend brand adult diapers when I go see it? I sure hope not. There sure are a ton of aliens in this new trailer, eh? Even more than last time. This really solidifies the belief thus far that the Space Jockeys have somehow tricked the Earthlings to this planet and that some sort of industrious, ever-changing alien entity is wreaking something (not havoc) on both of them. Are we witnessing the genesis of the Xenomorphs from the original film? Is the gooey stuff the building block of multi-mouthed, penis-headed life? We see a lot more of Charlize Theron’s all-business Meredith Vickers, and if she’s anything like the rest of the people we’ve seen working for “The Company,” things with her will be icy at best. We also see that a fair number of the crew don’t meet a very pleasant end. Even though there’s so much new to process in this trailer, we still have no idea what everything, or really anything, means.

Oh boy, I’m very excited. Very, very excited. Very, very, very excited. But seriously, Fox, we get it. You don’t need to show us any more – we’re in!

-Kanderson wears Depends all the time anyway. Follow him on TWITTER and listen to his PODCAST.

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  1. Togeika says:

    This one is even more spoilery! Trying to mark for follow ups!

  2. Bobby G says:

    It doesn’t really spoil anything, I mean you know how everyone will end up judging from the beginning of the first movie. Kind of like the game Halo Reach…….

  3. CJ says:

    The trailer is as awesome as the 1978 ALIEN trailer. They use the same siren like wail and the flickering effect towards the end. VERY EFFECTIVE.

    I want this movie to make a lot of money because I want a Ridley Scott directed sequel

  4. Ben Ragunton says:

    After seeing this trailer I am pretty much convinced that this is indeed a prequel to Alien, despite all of the comments from Ridley saying, “Well it’s sort of, but not really, but it does take place in the same universe” kind of stuff.

    If this is indeed a prequel it could very well eliminate all of the Alien vs. Predator stuff that has been generally accepted as part of the Alien canon.

    This movie also looks like it’s going to TERRIFY AND SCARE THE SHIT out of me when I watch it!!!

  5. Dr. A/Vsian says:

    I’m an older nerd, one who simply can’t do midnight showings regularly any more (responsibility, thy name is staying awake at the day job). I am going to gladly shirk responsibility and go see the hell outta this – haven’t been this excited about a movie in a good long while (even more so than I was about T2on).

  6. NeuroMan42 says:

    Read the script a couple of weeks ago. Simply cannot wait now. It is gonna be an amazing ride.

  7. Adri says:

    Is It just me or does Prometheus look like Serenity (I mean the actual spaceship?) I guess it could be a Firefly class transport ship