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The Most Intentionally Funny Video of The Day 12/19/13: ANCHORMAN 2 Cast on The Daily Show

It’s only a matter of time before there is a list of the best Jennifer Lawrence lists out and about the Internet. Yes, Lawrence is prime for her celebrity and an actress deserving of her acclaim, but how many .gifs do we have to make and/or see before someone puts her on the ballot for the next election despite specific instructions allowing for only a select few to be actually written in for any government office? The answer is probably somewhere around 20,000 .gifs ago, and undoubtedly enough people allowed to vote merely because they’re old enough will put in J-Law in lieu of writing her legal name to have it make the news. Don’t get me wrong, Jennifer Lawrence is great, but so is The Most Intentionally Funny Video of The Day.

Today’s MIFV is an appearance of the cast of Anchorman 2, namely Steve Carell, Will Ferrell, David Koechner, and Paul Rudd on The Daily Show for what is supposed to be an interview, but quickly devolves into utter chaos.

Here’s the previous pick for MIFV, in case you missed it.

Per usual, I’m taking submissions for the MIFV like so many featured in the past. I love finding new, hilarious videos from people hundreds and thousands of miles away, so please do send your videos so long as they follow the rules below.
-E-mail embeddable video link to [email protected] with subject line “MIFV Submission”
-Videos must have been posted online (i.e. have a time stamp that says so) within exactly two weeks from when you submit (i.e. videos uploaded more than 14 days from the day when you submit will not be up for consideration)
-Don’t add any cover letters or explanations; please just send the link

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  1. Fartbooty says:

    Steve Carol was on the Daily Show?

  2. joda says:


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  4. Josh S. Williams says:

    Love all of ’em!