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The Lost Ed Wood TV Pilot Resurfaces

Ed Wood aficionados — you know who you are — take note: At Slamdance this week in Park City, Utah, a long-lost TV pilot from the man who gave the world Plan 9 From Outer Space, Glen or Glenda, and other epics of bad/weird cinema is finally getting its public debut on Monday night at 8p Mountain time.

The show is called Final Curtain, and it’s been found and restored by Jason Insalaco, the Executive Producer of Tim Conway Jr.’s show at KFI in Los Angeles, and Jonathan Harris, the Director of Operations for Crackle, Sony’s online video service. Wood’s pilot was supposed to star Bela Lugosi, who, you’ll recall, ended up as a member of Wood’s odd repertory company, but Bela died, and Wood claimed that the horror legend died reading the Final Curtain script.

Stock footage! Overacting! Overwrought narration by the improbably-named Dudley Manlove! Wood’s trademarks are all there. How did this NOT make it onto television? Perhaps the cheap production values, overacting, and/or overwrought narration had something to do with it, but until now, it’s been considered a lost artifact of the career of the man immortalized by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

(What’s it about? Does that matter? Oh, okay, it’s about an actor in a darkened theater at night, a surprise, and… geez, really, it doesn’t matter, it’s Ed Wood. You’re not watching for plot)

Anyway, you can find all the information you need for the screening on Monday night by clicking here. And if you aren’t at Slamdance, you can go to the show’s Facebook page, where they’ll post information about future screenings wherever you might be.

This is a part of Hollywood history. You’re going to want to say you saw it.

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  1. Mike says:

    The improbably-named Dudley Manlove also played Eros, the main villain in Plan 9. “You see? Your stupid minds! Stupid! STUPID!”