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THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: TWILIGHT PRINCESS HD Will Have Plenty of amiibo Functionality

It has been an incredibly busy week in the gaming world. Nintendo in particular has already started to crank out a lot of information about their upcoming titles. Today’s news includes even more announcements from the mega-Japanese company, so stay tuned.

In today’s Gaming Daily: a new The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD video explains how amiibo will work with the title, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 footage surfaces on Reddit, Sega announces a classics collection, and new Animal Crossing Amiibo are releasing in March.


New The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD video.

Many have been speculating the the role that amiibo will play in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD ever since the title was announced. Well, we now have a much better understanding thanks to the clip posted above. The newly introduced Wolf Link amiibo will unlock the Cave of Shadows, which will include brand new challenges for your combat skills to be tested. You’ll be able to save your progress in this new cave by tapping the Wolf Link amiibo on the gamepad again, and return to it as you please. It seems like an interesting challenge mode for those who want the adventure to go on past the main campaign.

This new collectible will also work with the upcoming open-world Zelda title, whenever that ends up being released. No other specifics were announced.

That’s not all of the amiibo support to come. The Link and Toon Link figures will replenish arrows (super cheap), Ganondorf’s toy will make the enemies stronger, and the Princess Zelda and Sheik amiibo will restore hearts (extra cheap).

There’s still no word on whether the new challenge mode will be available some other way for those that don’t have the Wolf Link toy.

HT: Nintendo Deutschland


Defunct Star Wars: Battlefront 3 footage surfaces on Reddit.

A Reddit user is claiming to have a working build of the now defunct Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Some links to download the build were removed, but several clips have been posted showing off some interesting footage. For example, here’s a look at the character customization, and some action on our favorite ice planet, Hoth. The build apparently only works on Xbox 360 dev kits, so not too many will be able to try it out, even if they were to get their hands on the code. Still, it’s fun to wonder what could have been if this game actually released.

HT: Nerdist

Sonic the HedgehogSega 3D Classics Collection incoming

Sega-loyalists (don’t know how those still exist) will be happy to know that the once prominent company will be releasing the Sega 3D Classics Collection, which bundles in 9 classic titles. The announcement came from Sega’s official Twitter posted below.

The Sega 3D Classics Collection includes:

  • Power Drift
  • Puyo Puyo 2
  • Fantasy Zone II W
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Thunder Blade
  • Galaxy Force II
  • Altered Beast

You’ll recognize that some of these have already been released on the 3DS, but this bundle is for those that want them all in one package.

I’m still waiting on a good Sonic game to release. The poor blue speedster went from almost being the face of the gaming industry when he was competing against Mario, to now just being fodder for the bargain bin. Who would have thought he’d end up with such a tortured history?

HT: Nintendolife


New Animal Crossing amiibo to release in March.

New Animal Crossing amiibo will be releasing in a couple of months. The Timmy & Tommy (pictured above), Kapp’n, and Rover figures will be released on March 18. Digby will also become available as a standalone figure. Despite the amiibo craze dying down a bit recently, these will be perfect for Animal Crossing fans.

Nintendo also announced that Ryu, Roy, and R.O.B. (special Famicon Colors version), will also be launching around the same time.

With these figures making the Big N so much money, I don’t see them deviating from making more of these collectibles. I only wonder how the amiibo will work with their next console. You’d imagine they’d function with their next hardware, right?

HT: Gameinformer

I must commend Nintendo for killing it this early into 2016. The company has made a lot of announcements the last couple of weeks that have had the internet buzzing. I foresee a good year for the Big N.

What do you guys think about Twilight Princess HD? Will you be purchasing the game? Where does this adventure rank when compared to the other TLOZ adventures? Let us know in the comments below!

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