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THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Timeline Makes Sense with Quantum Mechanics

We are in the middle of a Zeldassance. A live-action series might be in the works, Majora’s Mask was just re-released (my favorite game in the series), and the next installment that will be hitting the Wii U looks gorgeous. But as much as I love Zelda games, the timeline of the universe always bugged me. It seemed like a mish-mash of time travel and re-boots and confusing spin-offs. Maybe quantum mechanics can help sort it out.

In my latest Because Science, I use an interpretation of quantum mechanics known as the Many Worlds Hypothesis and the official timeline of the Zeldaverse provided by the Hyrule Historia to make sense of the timelines that connect all Zelda games.

Maybe the next time a quantum physicist speaks, you should listen!

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  1. correctymcproperson says:

    You pronounce ocarina incorrectly.

  2. ggny says:


  3. JUS7IAN says:

    This guy is Mr. SquirmPants.

  4. says:

    Looks like I’ll be replaying some Zelda soon. Thanks for the breakdown, Kyle 🙂