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THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Monopoly Set Gets a Release Date

The Legend of Zelda has conquered the 2D and 3D realm, but now it’s time for the franchise to invade our living rooms in a 4D atmosphere. Yeah, that’s right. Now we can get a hold of rupees without breaking pots with this special Legend of Zelda collector’s edition of Monopoly.

The limited edition Zelda set includes a custom designed board, with memorable in-game universe locations like Link’s House, the Temple of Time, and Lon Lon Ranch. We also get themed money, custom Chance, Community Chest, and deed cards that will make any fan want to laminate it all so it lasts forever.

The Zelda Monopoly set won’t release until September, but GameStop has it listed for decent price of $39.99. And of course, like all GameStop pre-orders, there are exclusive items you can score from the retailer. You get a GameStop exclusive Ocarina of Time token (as well as other tokens in the form of a bow, hookshot, triforce, and Hylian shield), an 11×17 Hyrule lithograph map and treasure chest holder, and six item power cards for added gameplay.

Take a closer look at the box, game board, and tokens below:

original (3)

original (2)

original (1)

I am actually really excited to get a hold of this set. The Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite series, and Monopoly is probably my favorite board game. Glad to see the two finally coming together in an official capacity and eager to get my hands on that money so I can make it rain rupees. I’m also calling it now, dibs on the Triforce, though that shield is pretty badass. I’m guessing that the Master Sword will be part of a DLC set.

The Zelda Monopoly board is slated to release September 15, 2014, for $39.99. You can pre-order yours now from GameStop with extra goodies.

HT: Nintendo Life

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  1. Rachel says:

    I preordered the second wave on Monday and almost immediately got an email from GameStop saying the ship date had been pushed back. I asked if it would arrive in time for Christmas and they couldn’t give me an answer. Yet, the website still states an October 1st ship date. I submitted a preview buzz comment about it, but they never published it to the product page. It’s all very irritating. I don’t mind waiting for the game, but I feel they’re providing their customers with misleading information. 

    • Monica says:

      The same thing happened to me. I’m glad to know that I checked UPS today and it was out for delivery!!

  2. Christy Ansley says:


  3. bib says:

    Not even a master sword 

  4. discosnob88 says:

    so excited! hopefully the board game will be as nostalgic as zelda series and will be reawakening in memories. I was hoping to see the monopoly pieces being a Zora and a Goron instead of Link’s weapons! oh well

  5. André says:

    It bothers me that the “corner squares” are not changed. Free parking? What? Jail should be Arbiter’s grounds or Fortress Island and go to jail should be a Gerudo guard and GO should be the old man from the original that says “it’s dangerous to go alone. take this.” Free parking could be a fairy fountain. 
    Also, the colours of the money should fit the colours of the rupees from the games: 
    1 = Green5 = Blue10 = Yellow20 = Red50 = Purple100/200 = Orange/Silver (which one is which depends on the game)And for 500 they could just choose any other colour, maybe gold. 

  6. Anyoneofus says:

    “4D atmosphere”
    I don’t believe that means what you think it means…

  7. Heather says:

    Is it just me, or is it weird that there’s still a car in the ‘Free Parking’ space? Maybe, I don’t know, a horse would be better suited? Still looks awesome, though.

    • Zathael says:

      I believe ALL licensed versions of Monopoly have to have the 4 corners be the same as the original ones.

  8. Dawn says:

    Are the tokens actually pewter or are they plastic and painted to look like real monopoly pieces?

  9. Mike says:

    How is the Master Sword NOT a player token?