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Episode 69: The K Ohle
Wedlock with Lauren Cook

The K Ohle #69: Wedlock with Lauren Cook

New Format Alert! Newlyweds Kurt and Lauren try to figure out what it means to be married. They take listeners’ questions and give advice from a serial monogamist (Kurt) and a serial dater (Lauren). Plus they talk about embarrassing masturbation situations. Well, specifically, one. Up front, Kurt talks about writing in hotels.

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  1. Ken E. says:

    Liked the new format. I’m sure that once a few more are under your belt I’ll love it.

  2. Kerfluffled says:

    Is it weird for a girl, er, woman to propose to a man? My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and 3 months approx., and we love together. In the whole time we’ve been dating we’ve only been apart like a week total, including the time we didn’t live together – we’d spend the night at each oher’s places. He really seems like “the one”. Like, really really. I’m 32 and he’s 28, so I’m not 16 with a soulmate or anything. ANYWAY. I’d like to get married. Because it seems like we pretty much are? And people who’ve been dating less time than we are married already? Should it matter? Would it be weird to ask? Is there a standard time to wait before getting engaged? You don’t have to address all these questions.

  3. nickyb says:

    Hey I really liked this episode. I actually love tangents and the personal stories so don’t worry about it being boring! Question: I just got married as well and I’m just wondering what was the best decision you made after getting married that you think kept your relationship fun and awesome. I am also wondering if anything happened with that message-in-a-bottle thing you talked about a couple weeks ago Kurt. Thanks!

  4. Hunter says:

    Question for “serial dater” Lauren: Is it possible for a poor guy to get a date? What would you consider a fun date on a budget? Is it possible to make a twin bed sexy?

  5. wat says:

    Also loved the show

  6. wat says:

    Kurt why didn’t you think the web cam sex to be a big deal? Also why were you sad when you caught him master bating? Do you guys think it has to do with the need to bun up, you know? You said marriage was basically to make stuff easier but honestly, even from listen about your past relationships it’s more than that. Lauren your parents aren’t married, Kurt your dad was a serial groom, yet their “stuff” didn’t get fixed one way or the other. I just think us super cool modern folks have a hard time admitting or realizing the innate yearning to monogamously bun up with the intent to make it forever. It’s ok to feel that and want it, no excuses or justification needed.

  7. Curious Cat says:

    Hey Kurt and Lauren. Thanks so much for addressing my question in the episode. You basically brought up the exact argument that my mind was having with itself about whether or not it was immoral. I did end up addressing my husband and he was so embarrassed. It was actually really sad, probably not far off from how sad it is to catch someone masturbating. He felt awful and was welling up with tears. When I asked why? He didn’t really have a defence, more so he just said that it seemed interesting. He was on one site and happened upon the cam site and tried it out. He said that he will never do it again and totally understands why I am so upset. We chatted about how it made me feel cheated and betrayed and I honestly think he just didn’t think of it that way but when I brought it up he was super apologetic and so sad. As far as the money goes, he said that because it was $20 here or there he didn’t even add it up. I was mad and it took a few days of fuming and a bit of silent treatment but after having a good conversation I decided to forgive him. Being angry and resentful will not get us anywhere and we truly are a great couple in every other aspect and he is one of the best people I have ever met! The idea of ending us over this seemed ridiculous. I am glad that I confronted it and after a few days we have moved past it. It did make us have a conversation about our sex life and we both promised to make more of an effort on that front. Thanks again! 

  8. pugwizard says:

    It’ll be interesting to see/hear how this series plays out. So far it’s quite interesting. However I’m bias since Nearly all of Kurt’s podcasts are entertaining.

  9. stich says:

    Hey great episode.  Thanks for your words your right I am mad at her. Which is a total turn off. Thanks for helping me see it. Oh and BTW I’m a lesbian. Love all formats of the podcast.  

  10. Joey C. says:

    This was very easy to listen to; keep’em coming!