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Episode 15: The K Ohle with Kurt…
Get Lost with Jackie…

The K Ohle #15: Get Lost with Jackie Kashian

Kurt blindfolds comedian and host of The Dork Forest, Jackie Kashian, and drives her somewhere she’s never been. They discover a bunch of super weird shit and tell some stories along the way. Get into the K Ohle!

See Kurt in these upcoming cities:

Aug 9-10 – Nashville – Zanies
Aug 16th – San Fran Record Release Show – The Verdi
Aug 19th – LA Record Release Show – The Virgil
Aug 27th – Brooklyn Record Release Show – The Bellhouse

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Thanks to Nick Thorburn from Islands for creating the theme song!

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  1. stacey says:

    As a southern lady, I can tell you that “the vapors” most definitely refers to fainting.
    But, you guys made me think… everyone probably farts as they faint, right? So is this some sort of secret code that oppressed southern women used for decades to shied the fact that they had gas?!?

  2. Jaime B says:

    I’ve been loving just the conversations that come up naturally in the car. Even the precursor for Get Lost (with the buses full of blindfolded people) was a hilarious story. I also like how some of the guests bring up how they’re worried you might kill them, but then they laugh it off and keep going, it’s so great.

    So yeah, just wanted to drop in and say the podcast is brilliant, and I’m so glad you’re finding new ways to bring absurd comedy to people! There are so few people that can do what you do, and I’ll keep spreading the word. Thanks Kurt!

  3. Jacob says:

    Ha! I appreciate the reply! Also, my pleasure!

  4. kurt says:

    holy shit Jacob.

    Thanks so much. You know more about me than I do – which might be disturbing for you. I’m happy you can handle it.

  5. Jacob says:

    Kurt! I’ve been really enjoying catching up on episodes of your podcast! I don’t have a Twitter account so thank goodness for this message board. Anyway, huge comedy fan here as well as fan of yourself (I watched and loved every single episode of Bunk!) and creative fella (including music and stand-up open-mic-ing for a couple of years now… I’ve only been alive so many years, though, being a young college kid and all!) Just wanted to let you know this podcast has quickly become my favorite. There are some impressive gets for guests. Good going with that. I’m also a fan of the rotating formats. It was nice to listen to someone that’s also done canvassing, by the way. We can 100% agree that it’s the worst. Thank goodness that’s over for the both of us, eh? Also, you might be pleased to hear pretty much all of my friends know of your skywriting escapades (because reddit) and digs it. Neat, no? Also, I hate to gush but your appearances on other podcasts have been nice to listen to as well! Also, your set on Tell Your Friends was particularly good! Also, John Oliver! Also, that rules that you know Kristen Schaal. Now I’m done gushing.

  6. Tillburg says:

    What a delightful episode. I’ve been a fan of Jackie ever since she blew me out of the water with her material at The Comedy Attic. Thanks for this episode guys! I’ll be sure to get creeped out by the “art” the next time I’m in California.

  7. Little Ole' Me says:

    Could you please, please, please do this with Eddie Pepitone or Todd Barry?

  8. Todd Mason says:

    Oddly enough, I have heard of Pierce College, and am not sure why…other than finishing high school in Hawaii, so Cali colleges were likely to come up…the local options at the time basically were the UH system, BYU-Hawaii, Chaminade (the R/Catholic uni), liberal artsy Hawaii Loa College and the business school Hawaii Pacific U…the last two have since merged.