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Episode 8: The JV Club
Jessica St. Clair
The JV Club

The JV Club #8: Jessica St. Clair

Celebrate living in the moment– which in this case includes “moments” devoted to excessive cheek blush, dead teeth, and the raw sexual power of Night Court and Three’s Company– from one of the creators and stars of NBC’s Best Friends Forever, Jessica St. Clair. This episode also requires audience participation, via several non-rhetorical questions for the listener!

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  1. KW says:

    I could listen to Jessica talk for hours, such a great episode, thanks Janet!

  2. janet says:

    Matthew- Just wanted to thank you so much for the comment and let you know that I sent it to Jessica!

  3. Matthew David says:

    MESSAGE FOR JSC: Hi there! Just wanted to say I heard you on 3 podcasts I listen to (including this one) recently talking about Anne of Green Gables. I had never heard of it prior to my wife introducing it to me after being together for 15 years. We bought the 3 DVD collection and I loved it—well the first two. I promptly read the first book to my daughter who was almost 2 years old, and believe it or not I cried when I was reading to her the part where Matthew dies, which is unusual for me. We threw away the VHSs she had of the movie, but I kept the box in case i am ever able to get it autographed by Megan F. Thx for mentioning it so often, it’s cool to hear someone else tossing “kindred spirits” around in conversations. 🙂 A quick fan note: I LOVE the Marissa Wompler episodes of CBB, especially the first one with “Flavio.” You are extremely funny! I have seen episodes 2 and 3 of BFF, and plan to catch up with the rest of the series soon. Cheers! ~Matthew

  4. janet says:

    Dan, thank you so much!

  5. Dan says:

    XY here. This is the first episode of the JV Club I’ve heard, but I now feel compelled to both subscribe and peruse the archives.

    The vast majority of my entertainment now arrives in the form of podcasts and other independently produced content, and an ever-increasing percentage is created by women. Your breadth of experience and (sometimes) wildly different perspectives seems super valuable in a social/political landscape that is stacked against women from the outset.

    In other words: there’s no need to apologize to listeners for gettin’ all girly. Unless you’re going to start talking about periods THAT SHIT IS SO GROSS. /kidding

  6. Laura says:

    oh my goodness, I didn’t mean to make you cry! but it does happen. (i should/n’t mention that the episode made me tear up a bit.. too much? too much.) i really do think this is a phenomenal podcast and i can’t wait to hear you chat with more comedy women. so nervous if jessica if also cries, i love everything she does

  7. janet says:

    “Crier?” “Cryer?” Sigh

  8. janet says:

    Laura, now I’m crying. I’m a cryer. Just like St. Clair. I’m sending your comment to her so that she can cry, too. Thank you!!!

  9. Laura says:

    I LOVED this podcast. You gals are so great, funny and sincere. JV, I still don’t really know what Korra is but you have the nicest, calming voice. The theme song for this is perfect. I don’t know what to say, I want to read Anne of Green Gables now and give Jane Eyre another try and create my own list of people’s responses to weird statements I’ve made. You two make me so optimistic of how to go from awkward nice girl to funny lady. the JV club is just the best.

  10. janet says:

    GUYS! What GREAT feedback! Responses:
    Lamb – Hooray! Thank you!
    Superstarseven – I’ve never been to Ohio! Where should I go to meet my new people?
    Bucky- It’s one of the things I love most about St. Clair! 🙂
    Todd – Love everything you said. Love.
    Alec- I am tracking that down RIGHT NOW.
    Erik – I basically did exactly what you described and I bet Jess did too. I need to do that NOW as an adult! You’re right!!
    VCEden- Baking and good music? Sign me up!
    Kristal – GREAT observation. Isn’t it great that we’re drawn to those iconic women?
    Big hugs to everyone! This podcast has turned me into a grinning idiot!

  11. Kristal says:

    This was so great! Talk about Anne of Green Gables all you want! Its interesting that the heroines in books like Anne, Little House and Little Women are tomboys who speak their mind and are fiercely independent in stark contrast to cultural expectations.

  12. VCEden says:

    Re: Music
    I used to make mixed tapes (CDs) for my friends in junior high and high school. One of my best friends and I used to get together with our MacBooks and we would go “Have you heard of this band? You’ll love them!” and burn each other CDs while we baked together. So while it wasn’t quite the same, there was still a bonding experience over it.

  13. Erik says:

    You certainly didn’t lose this male listener by talking about old timey Little House on the Prairie stuff. After all, most Civil War re-enactors are male (not that I’m one). Which makes me think you should start an Anne of Green Gables re-enactors club. Just in case you were worried that you weren’t nerdy enough already.

  14. Alec says:

    If you grew up watching the Anne of Green Gables the TV miniseries, you owe it to yourself to track down the ‘Beaver Creek – The Movie’ episode of Made in Canada.

  15. Todd Mason says:

    Nonetheless, I doubt you lost too many male auditors through mentioning Montgomery’s books or their adaptations…nor even through the Necessity of makeup (w/o makeup, you don’t, pace Maria Bamford’s mother-persona, look ill…you just look un-made-up). The “necessity” of plucking eyebrows might lose some, if only through sympathy pain. I guess if XYs are often required to pull random hairs, too often from ears and nose, you can impose this further hassle upon yourselves…but I dunno…do women really ever get the Edward Teller eyebrows?

  16. Bucky says:

    Man, Jessica St. Clair is seemingly incapable of recording a podcast without mentioning Anne of Green Gables. I think even Marissa Wompler mentioned it at some point.

  17. Superstarseven says:

    Jay Vee!!!!!!

    That’s all I want to say.

    Actually, is it weird to think that you seem more like an Ohioan rather than an Arizonan?

  18. Lamb says:

    Never apologize for bringing up Anne of Green Gables! If anything, Anne Shirley needs to be referenced more.

    Great show as always, JV.