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Episode 62: The JV Club
Christy Stratton Mann
The JV Club

The JV Club #62: Christy Stratton Mann

It’s a little bit country, it’s a little bit rock ‘n roll… and it’s everything you’d hope from an eager-to-please Texan with a dream to cheerlead (that word doesn’t seem right without an “er” attached). Christy Stratton Mann (King of the Hill, Awkward) sets Janet straight about Donny, Marie, and so much more.

How Fast Were Dany's Dragons in Last Week's GAME OF THRONES?

How Fast Were Dany's Dragons in Last Week's GAME OF THRONES?




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  1. Rob S. says:

    My cry for help involved a bottle sleeping pills. I handed a girl a note and shoved them in my mouth.

  2. Onno says:

    Just wanted to quickly say I’m really impressed that you managed to do such an amazing and quick job of ‘fixing’ this episode (with the audio issues it had).

    Sad that it happened, but this stuff is bound to happen once or twice, especially if you sail the murky podcast waters without an on-board sound production engineer.

    You repeatedly mentioned you were horrified it happened to this episode, but I think that was a blessing in disguise! Not only were you able to re-record stuff the very next day (amazing kudos to Christy for being so cool about it), but we even get more bang for our buck because you could somewhat distill the greatest stories from your previous recording in a shorter timespan, and we end up with more hilarious teen-years shenanigans!

    Obviously you lose a bit of the spontaneity, but there is still plenty of that in the second half.

    So thank you very much for doing this podcast, it’s fun every time! And don’t worry about small hiccups like this, they are part of the trade-off when you get that magic of recording informally at home.

    Greetings from Onno in the Netherlands.

  3. Alec says:

    “Getting comfortable being uncomfortable” is great advice. The decisions that have had the best impact in my life have come when I was willing to step out of my comfort zone, but even knowing that, it can be easy to just sit back and be complacent. It’s definitely something to work at.

  4. Amy says:

    Oh my god Jenny your suggestion just made me snort.

    I’m wondering if the reason that a lot of younger people don’t know the bands that are usually talked about on the podcast is more about the fact that we were technically all consuming media at the same time, but the teenage-early 20s crowd was in preschool/elementary school around the same time that a lot of podcast guests were in high school and college. So we were all living in that time period but obviously the media that little kids consume is much different than the media that older teens do.

    Also- I really really loved the little advice segment this week.

  5. Jenny Smith says:

    How about the VAR-ginas?

  6. PJ says:

    Career paths are rarely straight or clear, that’s for sure.

    And Sarah Jessica Parker was known in the 80’s? I thought she was just a one trick pony! (Yes, I had to go for the low hanging fruit)

  7. Jacquie F says:

    I’m glad you were able re-record and salvage the episode it was fun to listen to like all the others. I liked your advice about how sometimes you don’t always end up in the exact job you planned but something tangentially related, that seems so common to me. I’ve been finding for myself and most other people I know that their path to where they end up is almost never a straight line and you have to be able to adapt to new situations.

    Thanks again for the podcast.

  8. janet says:

    GUYS! This is an UPDATED episode without audio issues! I hope you’ll give it another try. YAY!

  9. Yes, women are about as tech savvy as they are funny… Just kidding. Love your podcast.

  10. Todd Mason says:

    While it’s fun trying to dope out what Mann is saying when she goes completely silent (“Courtesy Girl” as euphemism is a rich one), I think I’ll try again after Katie does any further magic…I now hear some compression hiss, so perhaps this is final final form…I, too, remember the exquisite blandness of THE DONNY AND MARIE SHOW, one of the last successful “tragedy-variety” hours (a SNL Weekend Update joke)…thus disqualifying me from JV Cub status…

  11. Jacquie F says:

    Yea this will be the first episode I haven’t listened to, I had to turn it off it was too frustrating just getting every 10th word she said or so.

    Sorry the audio didn’t work out, love the podcast anyways and looking forward to next week.

  12. Judd says:

    This is such a guest story heavy podcast that it’s a shame that Christy’s barely audible (and at times completely inaudible) for the first 50 or so minutes. Here’s to hoping those sound issues figure themselves out.