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Episode 2: The JV Club
June Diane Raphael
The JV Club

The JV Club #2: June Diane Raphael

Episode 2 of The JV Club brings together Janet and guest June Raphael (NTSF:SD:SUV:, Bride Wars). And they don’t waste any time getting into it about the perils of lip gloss, getting gooey over their favorite iconic redheads, and the fascinating topic of… well, mole people.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    I love how June is so honest, I can relate to crying at a lot of movies and stuff lol. Good girl talk.

  2. Terina says:

    I’ve just listened to this older episode and had one of the most validating moments of my life. I was probably college age when the Anne of Green Gables movies made it to PBS in the Bay Area. I was OBSESSED with Gilbert. When the two of you were discussing how hot Gilbert was when he was recovering from his illness… I just can’t believe you were talking about that. I re-watched their reunion at the bridge over and over. I’ve watched TERRIBLE Canadian movies Jonathan Crombie was in hoping to enjoy him as much. It took years to realize it was never about the actor, and always about Gilbert. Thank you for a silly conversation that threw me back 20-years and makes me think that the young lady I was, was less alone than she knew.

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Hi Janet, I realize I am a year late, but I just re listened to this episode (it’s one of my favorites), and I picked out something that I haven’t before. I heard you asking young girls if they feel if they have had good experience and control over their sexuality in high school and I thought I would share my “story.” You may not even care about this anymore, but just in case.
    I am going to be a senior and I decided about two years ago that I wasn’t going to feel pressured with boys, relationships, or sex in high school. I want to feel in control of that part of my life because I want it to be special and not manipulated by teenage hormones. I’m not saying that there haven’t been times where I wanted a boyfriend, I just think it’ll be better for me to wait until I know that I’m ready. I don’t want to have a boyfriend because everyone else has one, I want a relationship because I really care about someone and they care about me too. Plus, it has probably relieved my dad more than I can realize.
    I hope this suited your fancy. I just thought I would share.
    – Mary Elizabeth

  4. Eric Song says:

    I know I’m late to the party (just started listening yesterday), but I had a great time listening to this podcast even though I haven’t seen any of June’s stuff. The AoGG conversation was unexpected and had me cracking up thinking about that movie. I remember my mom renting it from the library and having me and my two sisters watch it when we were little. Somehow, I actually sat through the whole thing, although that probably had something to do with the little crush I had on Megan Follows. I eventually read the entire series years later during a summer in high school when I found them in my sister’s room and thought they were pretty cute. And no, I’m not gay, just socially awkward and lonely. 🙂

    Anyway, definitely enjoying the podcasts so far and might have to break my own rule of never buying an iPod so I can start listening to them in my car. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Jamie says:

    On the subject of another group that takes all types, at least at my school: Marching band. We have the typical geeks and nerds but we also have stoners, athletes, some popular pretty kids, dancers, etc. Additionally, I really love hearing successful, beautiful, smart women talk about how awkward they were in high school. Gives me hope for my future. DFTBA!

  6. Emily says:

    First off, let me say that these podcasts make days of internet research on an old Dell desktop (at an unpaid internship) tolerable. I was giddy when I heard the two of you discussing Anne of Green Gables because it’s a.) one of my all-time favorites (book & film) and b.) a point of reference when meeting new people. If you were into Anne at age 11, we’ll probably get along. I was lucky enough to have a best friend to share this obsession with. In high school we would steal our parents liquor and have “wild” sleepovers where we drunkely watched Anne and Newsies. Cool kids. Also, at one point in time there was a Facebook group entitled, “Anne of Green Gables Made Me Realize I Was Gay” that my friends and I died over. Thank you for the term “bosom friends”, Lucy Maude.

  7. janet says:

    Laura! Love the memory of Jolyn. Ever and Always, right? Big hugs to you!
    And D# – CONGRATULATIONS on making the big move! Don’t forget- if you had the courage to make the move, which you did, you DEFINITELY have the courage to create a great life for yourself in a new place!

  8. Laura Kruszewski says:

    OMY, I LOVE your podcasts!!! feel like i am hanging with some cool girlfriends! LOVE Anne of Green Gables! Have not seen those musicals either haha…went from pink and preppy in 8th to black and angry in 9th 🙂 ate bowls of pasta and bagels with Jolyn everyday, and didnt gain a pound…..kindred spirits Janet! keep up the great work!!

  9. janet says:

    Just a quick note of thanks to D# and Kerri for your love. I send love back to you!*

    *Seriously, no idea if anyone reads my notes on here, but I shall continue to leave them! 🙂

    • D# says:

      omw! (excuse me while I let my little nerd flag fly) I was so excited to see your reply today!! Made my day at work just that much better. I’m still loving all of your podcasts and now that I’m closer to moving cross country by myself for the first time (and at a young age) this has come at such a perfect time. I hold on to that part in the Christina Hendricks one where she talks about moving to NY by herself like its a security blanket. Seriously, you’re doing a great work here JV. 🙂

  10. Kerri Wilson says:

    I never comment on these boards- but I just need to say THANK YOU for the Anne of Green Gables discussion. I feel I truly found kindred spirits. I want to hunt down a bottle of raspberry cordial and watch it again! Love your podcast!

  11. D# says:

    And it keeps getting gooder. I was not familiar with the guest but thought the back and forth was just awesome. Makes me want to read (and eventually watch) Anne of Green Gables. I’m still loving all the banter about high school. I’ve always thought high school for me was not the most memorable and it was just a crappy time in my life (true, but…) there seems to be more to it than I think. There were funny times, awesome times, the people I hung out with (also mostly theatre, band, choral, etc. types), strange things I remember that I thought I would forget and all that jazz. Keep up the good work! GJ tomorrow! 🙂

  12. Janet says:

    Hey Eleanor, Janet here. Just wanted to say I’m so sorry you felt we were being catty about our eating habits in high school. I’m not sure how by extension we were criticizing any and all women, particularly those who struggle with eating issues. In that context, I felt we were both being fairly lighthearted about it but I unequivocally recognize that there are obviously more serious issues related to eating that I get into in another episode. I hate that you were offended and I know you probably won’t ever see this, but I wanted to respond just in case!

  13. Rob S. says:

    I am sending this one to my sister. She loves Anne of Green Gables.

  14. Eleanor (undeadgoat) says:

    For a show that’s supposedly about women being positive about each other you guys sure have a lot of negativity towards the entire concept of after-school snacks in this episode–I know you were talking about yourselves but you were NOT talking about eating healthier, you were just harping on and on about what pigs you were (and by extension any girls or women who STRUGGLE WITH over eating). Seriously guys? That was the cattiest Hollywood bullshit I’ve exposed myself to in years. Unsubscribed and did not finish.

  15. Heather Wilson says:

    June would be a gorgeous redhead…

  16. Gabe M says:

    June is so funny and engaging. Another great episode, but the downside is that it made want bagels with all the saltiest and most fattening accoutrements SO FREAKIN BADLY

  17. Alec says:

    What kind of bagels are we talking about here? Those doughy pucks that are basically just loops of bread, or the real deal? Because you should never feel bad for eating a good bagel.

  18. StaceyG says:

    I have never been so excited to hear two women close to my age talk as exitedly as I do about Anne of Green Gables. I’m going to have the best day now.