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Episode 100: The JV Club
Busy Philipps
The JV Club

The JV Club #100: Busy Philipps

Our very first live episode video-streamed with the amazing Busy Philipps (Cougar Town) and MANY OF YOU! Thanks to everyone who tuned in and commented and asked awesome questions. And thanks to the guys at Cogo for hosting! Happy 100th episode!

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  1. Adam Tenley says:

    I first heard of Busy when I saw her in the 2002 film “Home Room”. She was great in that film.

  2. fannypack says:

    I’m so happy I discovered this podcast, its like being invited to the coolest slumber party, thank you so much for doing it! 

  3. Nikki says:

    Omg Janet, I had an Angelfire website!! hahaha

  4. Joseph Young says:

    “Everything disappears” LMAO! Its so true….

    Reminds me of Mulaney’s bit about solving murder before they knew about DNA.
    “We found a pool of the killers blood in that hallway”…..
    “Hmmmm GROSS! Mop it up. Now… back to my hunch”….

  5. Alec says:

    Busy is obsessed with miniatures but got her foot in the door by dressing up in a human-sized doll outfit. That is delightful.

  6. FilmWho says:

    Enjoyed this episode. Loved the energy and enthusiasm of Busy and it was so cool to involve the audience with the live Q&A. Please consider ustreaming the podcast once a month or more like Joe Rogan does. Congrats on the 100th, and here to this podcast getting even bigger and bigger.

  7. PJ says:

    Well, the sound level for the audio-only version is fine… but I will reiterate, the live one with the video was a little on the quiet side. It was a fun experience to finally see the mythical couch (looked very comfortable definitely, not in a manly (ugly) way, but not as fancy looking as I expected).

    And, as you love miniatures, after Naples, Florida, consider going to Madurodam in the Netherlands. It’s a whole miniature village.

  8. Todd Mason says:

    I’ll have to look for any video archive you have up…meanwhile, CHINA BEACH was an excellent series, and one with a lot of male viewers (the striking as well as excellent actresses didn’t hurt, and the distinct characters and sharp scripting didn’t either)…Megan Gallagher’s character was a war reporter, as I recall. (Yup, the Vietnam War.) A fine interview, even in audio only!

  9. Scott B. says:

    HAPPY 100!!! I’m sorry I missed seeing this live, will it be added to the new JV Club home on Youtube? By the way, I so that anniversary video, it’s fantastic!! Thank you Janet Varney, for not just putting together this podcast but sticking with it!! Looking forward to show 200 in Venice, FL!!!