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The Internet’s Best, Funniest, and Silliest VENOM Trailer Memes

The first Venom teaser Sony released back in February resulted in the internet losing its collective mind and getting really angry. (That doesn’t sound anything like the internet we know!) In fairness though, it was kind of frustrating to get our first look at the movie only to find out it did not contain any footage of, uh, Venom.

But let’s just say that was not a problem with the movie’s first trailer, which didn’t just feature a whole lot of looks at the Symbiote, it featured a full on–and full-tongued–look at his gruesome visage.

Which is why this time instead of responding in anger, the internet responded in memes. So many memes. And we gathered up our favorite ones, from the silliest, to the funniest, to the downright absurd.

Great day for jokes, yes, but a tough day for Topher Grace.

Not a comic book reader but need an easy way to understand the character? Itsa meme!

One complaint? Venom’s eyes could look a little bit better.

Also, we like to stay on #brand here at Nerdist, which is why our Dan Casey knew….uh…what to….uh…do, with this, as you say, image.

Although we swear we had nothing to do with this next one, it’s just that sometimes the world wide web aligns perfectly to create something wonderful.

We thought the internet overreacted to that February teaser, but now that we know we were robbed of an extra two months of these Venom memes we kind of understand all the anger. Someone should give Sony a real tongue-lashing over it. And we know just the Symbiote to do it.

What was the best reaction you saw to this trailer? Share it with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Sony

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