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THE INCREDIBLES Done ala Christopher Nolan is Very, Very Dramatic

Drama! Intrigue! The hopeless becoming empowered! The Incredibles was already a, well, incredibly nuanced and fascinating and fun superhero story, but under the tutelage of Christopher Nolan? He of The Dark Knight Trilogy, epic superhero darkness fame? The guy who’s ambitious nature and narrative flair brought us Inception several years ago and, soon enough, Interstellar? Well, you get a film that’s exactly that: darker, more devious, higher-staked, and has far more troubled leading characters like Mr. Incredible. Suddenly, the story about being yourself and embracing what makes you special becomes a much darker, more dramatic story about the mediocritization of our modern day society.

So, y’know: just another Disney movie! (We kid, we kid.)

Bobby Burns, the popular YouTuber with a penchant for mashing up movies (think: Inglorious Basterds meets Expendables 3), has taken the dark tones and visual aesthetics and applied them to the Pixar film, giving Syndrome’s dark wants and unsettling claims an ominous vibe you don’t usually see from family films.

And frankly it’s really saying something considering the fact that, for all intents and purposes, The Incredibles was already a dark film in terms of its commentary on people’s motivations. Not Wall-E dark, mind you, but still! Darker than your average animated family dramedy, ya dig?

Now, the whole thing is great, to be sure, but we can’t help but bit just the teeniest bit nitpicky about one very glaring omission from this trailer. Don’t know about you, but it just feels like it was missing something…


Oh, right, yes! That. That would be very, very Nolan-y and perfect. GIMMIE A BWONG!

What other films would you like to see Nolan-ized? Let’s discuss in the comments.

HT: Neatorama

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  1. Ravn says:

    Can we get this guy to make the trailer for when Incredibles 2 comes out?!