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The next Hobbit movie is slated to hit theaters on December 17, and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will go to a darker place. Bilbo Baggins and the company of Thorin Oakenshield arrived at the Lonely Mountain in The Desolation of Smaug, and now they have to deal with the dragon that they woke up and annoyed. A massive new banner poster was just released for the film, and it shows a hot-headed Smaug and features just about everyone else taking up arms. If you had any doubt that Peter Jackson was going big with what is likely his last film in the Middle-earth universe, this poster will reassure you – or validate your concerns.

Be sure to click the image to see all the characters and details.

The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies tapestry_resized

Let’s review some of the sights in The Hobbit poster. From left to right we’ve got Smaug facing off against Bard the Bowman, Gandalf and Galadriel reenacting some weird Shakespearan tragedy scene at what looks to be Dol Guldur with Elrond and Saruman in the background, Thorin looking dramatic on the throne inside Erebor (he’s surrounded by piles of gold, why so sad, Thorin?) with Bilbo in the foreground, Legolas and Tauriel with very serious expressions, Thranduil at the head of an Elven army, Thorin, Fili, and Kili in the middle of battle with Azog standing over them, and then Gandalf and Bilbo again. Whew.

No one is smiling. We’re past the lighthearted adventure from An Unexpected Journey and what began as a heist-style story to take back Erebor is now a tale with serious consequences. While I still don’t think The Hobbit needed to be turned into three films, I am looking forward to seeing what The Battle of the Five Armies has in store.

How does this poster make you feel about the final installment of The Hobbit trilogy? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. HeyGuy says:

    It’s about time. They could have fit the book into two longer films, or even one really long sitting ( like they did with Braveheart… if I’m remembering right they even had an intermission when that came out.) they did the hard work of creatively cutting the dull points, then chose to add extra content to stretch it out, straying from the true book to make more profit. Though I admit the extra content was entertaining, I felt it strayed off the path that the book set before them. I still can’t wait for the final piece to be released, mainly because it’s been a long time coming and I’m interested to see what they are going to do to stretch out the remaining story.

  2. Jay says:

    Where can I buy this poster / tapestry?  

  3. ryan says:

    where can i buy one of these?

  4. bryan says:


  5. Jason Sealy says:

    Uh, this is awesome, but Tauriel’s face is the weirdest kind of Pohotoshop Cut ‘n’ Paste job I’ve seen in a while.

  6. AJ says:

    Uhm, where are the other dwarves? They put in Fili and Kili (which I get, them being the ‘hot’ dwarves and all) but where are the others?! I was really hoping to see some more armour, especially on Ori. And I would’ve liked to see if Bofur kept his smile, even if it’s ‘just’ a poster.

  7. Paddy says:

    I need this more than I need air holy shit

  8. Lea Petrelli says:

    Is this it? its so fantastic , cant wait to see it .they could have done better on Gandalf’s pose

  9. Ken Campbell says:

    Where can I get that poster?

  10. Tauriel'sBro says:

    I’m not going to be a cry baby for a million words about minor changes Peter Jackson has made to Tolkien’s story to make it fit into a cinematic story… EVERY book to movie translation makes changes to be able to fit the screen. It really doesn’t matter if Azog lived to be the leader of the orc armies… and Bolg could still be his son… Bolg wears steel barbs on his head because of damages in prior battles. (This was attributed to Azog in the literature. But your ignorant Robocop comment shows maybe you don’t know as much as you think). There was a large void of female characters in The Hobbit, so who cares if within the overall story there is a female elf character prominent or intimations between Gandalf and Galadriel. Celeborn or whoever seems a bore compared to Gandalf, maybe Galadriel was arranged to marry him but harbors feelings for Gandalf. It makes the characters more interesting and shows they are more than just going through the motions of the adventure. I get so sick and tired of know it alls crying about small changes from the book. Does it make you feel big to spout all your knowledge about Tolkien, because I guarantee you Peter Jackson knows as much or more. He is making film choices and has created amazing fantasy movies in the process. Stop being such stubborn dumbasses. If you want to feel like the big shot of your own puny Tolkien-verse go write some Tom Bombadil fan fiction with all that time you got on your hands to bitch.

  11. Corey says:

    You have to look at Tolkien as the wise grandfather who tells the tale as it should be told, and Peter Jackson as a somewhat retarded nephew who tells it from a child’s perspective who just had one too many juice boxes. The nephew’s perspective is entertaining, mind you. It’s just a far fetched rendition of the immaculate work that the grandfather did in portraying Middle Earth.

    • You do understand what movies are right? You understand cinematic?

      • Snazzisarah says:

        Oh c’mon, even the most diehard fans of Jackson would agree that 3 movies for the fairly simple story of the Hobbit was pushing it

    • Snazzisarah says:

      That is the best explanation of the disparities between the book and movies I’ve ever heard

    • awbilinski says:

      You might also want to consider that Tolkien never really finished his works.  Some of his later efforts were pulled together and finished by his son Christopher.  And in all fairness it would have been ridiculous for any director, Jackson or anyone else, to go from the “adult” theme of LOTR  to the bedtime for children tone of the Hobbit ,  I have some bones to pick with Jackson’s screen writers, but on the whole they all have done a wonderful job taking a children’s fantasy and giving it a sense of maturity.  Not easy for the sword and sorcery genre. 

  12. Bobby says:

    It’s apparent that at least some commentators on here have never read the book nor understand the “historical” context of the Rings of Power and their history in the specific story line of The Hobbit. As an avid Tolkien fan, I agree with David Markham when he says “I’m happy this movie is coming out because it *should* finally mean an end to Jackson’s bastardizations.” Amen. I hope he never earns the rights to the Silmarillion. Oh Peter Jackson, how to count thy sins for this trilogy? One, Azog, the action-facilitating, dwarf-hating, dogged pursuer and sure-to-be leader of Sauron’s armies in this coming movie? Well, he died. Yeah, a long while back, in the Dwarf and Goblin wars, when the Dwarves tried to re-take Khazadum and kind of discovered the Balrog that Gandalf later defeats in LOTR. Azog is killed by none other than Dain, a relative of Thorin’s, which would have been a great place to introduce that character who will be key in the third movie, but no. Bolg is not just Azog’s lieutenant, but his son, and leader of the Goblins of the Misty Mountains after Gandalf kills the Great Goblin (alas, another goofy incarnation in the movie). He’s the one that leads the Orc armies, not Azog, although why Bolg looks like a cross between an orc and Robo-cop i don’t yet understand. I won’t say much about the love stories other than this: Nowhere is it ever intimated that an elf would be interested romantically in a dwarf or vice versa. But I guess noobdy can resist a good tragedy romance, which is all I will say, and those who have read the book know what I mean. And for crying out loud, Galadriel is a married woman! Have you no shame, sir?! Nobody can tell me that those looks of longing ‘twixt he and Gandalf, the whispered words apart from the others, and gentle caresses mean they’re just really close friends. Please! As for the poster or tapestry, where do I even begin? First, why is Smaug arched like he’s standing on his hind legs? It would be stupid to build a town out on the lake if it were close enough to the shore to be attacked by the dragon. Water is supposed to be its key defense. And if he’s not standing on land, how is a several thousand pound dragon being held up by the burning wooden substructure of Laketown?! Dol Guldur gets a pass, except for the whole Gandalf-Galadriel pose. Thorin, it should be said, is rightly depressed because he is missing the Arkenstone (hello!), which is obvious from how the throne is damaged, presumably by Smaug at some point, right where the Stone was held. It is the King’s jewel, after all, and Thorin’s chief obsession, even beyond the gold. And Thorin was never ‘sad’ about his family’s wealth or their obsession with it. It was a matter of great pride and also a deep emotional attachment to a place he once called home. Tauriel and her love triangle I’ve covered. Why do the Orcs appear to be riding Billy Goats or perhaps Rams while Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm, rides a gigantic moose?! Orcs ride Wargs, not goats or rams. And the moose?? I’ve no idea. Apart from the idiotic presence of Azog, an Orc who’s supposed to be dead (and don’t tell me Sauron resurrected him, because that only applies to the human kings who wore Rings of Power), the final frame is the best of them all, justly showing Thorin, Kili, and Fili ready to battle Orcs, with Bilbo and Gandalf also armed and ready. I’m sure the movie will showcase how far Weta Works has come since LOTR, but the completely unnecessary and unfaithful (to the book) nonsense just overwhelms it all for those of us who still think enough to appreciate good story telling. Apparently PJ is not one of them.

    • CJ says:

      Just to point out the fact that for someone who insults others for there lack of integral knowledge to the mythology, you seem to miss one key aspect that would be obvious to anyone. It is not Orcs riding the battle rams, it is in fact the Dwarves, which indeed is quite common among lots of fiction, not just the LotR series. If you’re gonna be a dick, at least get your facts right.

    • Tauriel'sBro says:

      Please see about comment by Tauriel’sBro

    • Azog says:

      What I love about you crybabys that bash the films is the fact that after bashing and bashing you are the very same geeks that go to the theatre and see the movie like about 10 times only to say that it was trash. Get a life people! Why are you even here on a blog that’s about the movies if you guys hate them so much? Have you dweebs even realized that more than half of the people that love the Hobbit and the LOTR movies have never read the books? While you many of you guys cry that Azog is a terrible adition to the films I laugh because Azog is the very thing that got me interested in the Hobbit movies and I was really bummed when I learned that he had such a minor role in the novels. Tons of people love these movies and they (as well as Jackson) can care less what a bunch of bashing crybaby basement dwellers like you guys can say. If you don’t like it then don’t see it!

  13. Jo Weiss says:

    holy wow thats a beautiful thing! i love that dean o’gorman is up front and centre,

  14. Angry fan says:

    It sucks. I can’t stand it. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FILM? I don’t know even this is really ‘Hobbit’ Why Gandalf? Why Galadriel? What are you doing Elrond,Saruman? (and Who are you Tauriel?) So ridiculous. and Where is that magical things CG? The Poster is looks like just snip and paste with glue on pop-up book!!!

  15. Can’t wait! Also want this poster!

  16. Obviously Thorin dies. Maybe Azog mortally wouds him and then Bilbo kicks his ass.

  17. Linda Dixon says:

    I just want to know where I can get one of these posters!  I love all of Tolkien’s works, and I think Peter Jackson has done splendid work in bringing them to the big screen!

  18. DeWitt Gravink says:

    Hours of Exciting Denouement and things that have nothing to do with the book!!!  

  19. The question of why Thorin is so seriously dramatic surrounded by all the gold is that he doesn’t want to have the same mental disease that his father and grandfather had when they looked at all the gold that the dwarfs had accumulated – it was a love of the gold for the gold’s sake.  He does not want that to be the reason for the war.  So, he is noticeably and recognizably serious.  It is a dilemma.  There must be another story from before The Hobbit that will be coming, but who knows who will write it?

  20. Nick Burns says:

    This is phenomenal! Now where can I get a reduced copy?

  21. M.A.D.Luck says:


  22. Dorothy Shea says:

    I am sooo excited waiting for this epic finale!  Good will triumph over evil, but there is no triumph without sacrifice.  All will be giving their utmost to succeed.  There will be blood…sweat…and tears.

  23. Ruth Reeves says:

    I love the poster. Very dramatic. As for “bastardizations” I think any book is difficult to make into a movie given the amount of time allowed to tell a story AND make box on it. If you are not happy with how Peter Jackson imagined it, then don’t spend your money. I think he may not have followed the book as closely as the truists may have wanted, but he sure made some killer entertainment. I would pay to see all of them again. 

    • DeWitt Gravink says:


  24. David Markham says:

    I love how they show both Bilbo and Gandlaf with their swords out.  Either they follow the book (hah!  can you imagine?) and it’s an epic fake out or they’ve f-ed the story up even more.

    I’m happy this movie is coming out because it *should* finally mean an end to Jackson’s bastardizations.

  25. MeloVlog says:

    What if the 3rd movie has 2 parts o_O dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnn