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Valar Morghulis, friends! Up for a lively debate? Then you’re gonna dig this episode of Nerdist News.

On today’s show, Jessica Chobot invites Dan Casey and Malik Forte to break down, dissect, and argue over the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer. Plus: a look at an insanely cool Grand Theft Auto V mod that turns the game into an even more immersive first-person experience.

Enjoy the show, come back for a fresh episode tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below how you feel about robot samurai Shredder and his homing knives!

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  1. Gunnshow84 says:

    Great heroes are established by great villains. So in this case it seems as though the Turtles will suffer due to the overly large transformer edward scissor hands mashed up Shredder. (Assuming he’s only that large because he is fighting giant-ass turtles) But more importantly it appears as though the movie will lack the essence of NINJA or NINJUTSU and the beauty of the martial arts that gives birth to the villain Oroku Saki as well as the Splinter and the Turtles. (IMO) And I concur, fuck those lips.

  2. Lets remove all lips on all cast and see what they sound like when they talk. Then…we can make the turtles look like Sesame Street characters again.

  3. Wardster_ says:

    I HATE the dubstep in this trailer. Makes it look like one of those “Humans Are Awesome” compilations on Youtube. And they’re not even Human.
    Fuck those lips, and leave Batman out of it!

  4. They should rename Shredder “Edward Transformerhands”

  5. RedwoodCoast says:

    All valid points if you can get beyond talking humanoid turtles as heroes.   yeah… Shredder, villain reuse cgi, aka crap.

  6. Ian Howlett says:

    I wrote this comment on the new trailer post, I think my point stands:
    In all honesty, I think it’s looking better than I expected. Even the dubstep music, which isn’t my thing, I found fairly inoffensive: the first two movies featured the likes of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, hardly paragons of musical integrity.
    Of course it has every opportunity to be bad, and as someone who loved the OG cartoon and movies as a kid (missed out on the comics), I can barely muster the effort to care, but at least this trailer revealed a lighter tone than the teaser did.
    The biggest failure to remain true to the TMNT brand in my eyes would be if it took itself too seriously.
    Otherwise if a bunch of 30 year olds calling themselves “fans” are upset that an adolescent fantasy movie doesn’t cater to their tastes, they can vote with their wallets -including paying for movies worth supporting.

  7. Orionsangel says:

    I’m sick Michael Bay reinventing popular franchises. First he takes the Transformers and makes them look like overly detailed metal junk. Now he’s taken the TMNT and given them small heads, nostrils and lips. WTF Hollywood? We the fans know how these characters are supposed to look! You understand you arrogant Hollywood suits? Thinking you can do better!

    • Spoiler says:

      cant hate on Michael Bay he only helped produce it.  he’s not the director or writer BUT he just wants his grimmy hands touching our childhood.  so you cant take all your hate on him.

  8. PaladinPool619 says:

    I still think that TMNT doesn’t look great but this new trailer makes me think it won’t be so much of a Turdle after all. 

  9. Marcus says:

    This might replace The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the biggest blockbuster turd of the year.

    • Purewitz says:

      Your statement is invalid, actually anything is better than Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. George Clooney’s Batman was better and thats hard to do worse than George Clooney as Batman. The Amazing Spider-Man movies are like Batman & Robin (1998) times two. I think TMNT (2014) will be on par with either Batman & Robin or TMNT 3. Or it might be OK (Just OK) like Batman Forever.

  10. DJ Kento says:

    I feel like the turtle design was something that just nobody reigned in. I actually really like the shredder design, especially in light of things like the Silver Samurai in The Wolverine and recent mech suits in cinema
    I also think the voice cast SOUNDS right, but they just look so very very strange. 
    The only one I don’t mind is Donnie, but he has glasses that are floating on nothing… no nose, no ears… just sitting there magically.

    • Hammer says:

      Except Shredder is not suppose to be a mech/transformer or in a power suit.

      Movie just looks awful.

  11. Steve says:

    lips are important for believable talking, I don’t understand the hate !