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The Great Fireworks Fail of 2012

Now, THIS is my kind of fireworks show. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much nobody else’s:

That’s the result of a massive mishap in San Diego and Coronado, where the annual Big Bay Boom fireworks show at Glorietta Bay experienced a “technical glitch” that caused all of the fireworks on three barges — ALL of them — to go up within 15 seconds.





What’s weird is that, about at the same time, I was up the coast about a hundred miles, watching fireworks on TV (hey, I gotta get up early), and telling my wife that it would be funny if they just put all the fireworks on a barge, got everyone off of it, and set it all alight at the same time (“A Tribute to Nuclear Weaponry”), with one big mushroom cloud and the whole thing over in seconds. I didn’t think someone would actually DO that, even inadvertently. At least nobody was hurt.

And at least they got fifteen seconds of entertainment.

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  1. Josh says:

    Oh man, what was that, $10mil in 15 seconds? Well, “San Diego” IS German for ‘colorful explosion’. Sheesh. (c:

  2. John48221 says:

    The San Diego fireworks was quoted saying that this has never happened before and can we just cuddle.

  3. Yeah, you couldn’t pay me enough to go anywhere NEAR those things. Best at a great distance. Respect to the people who work with fireworks, but, geez, scary.

  4. Dave Dugan says:

    Many years ago in SF, I looked out the window towards the Embarcadero and saw the fireworks going off way early and very low in the sky at a funny angle and thought to myself “Hehe…someone’s getting fired…”

    Then it turned out that the fireworks had gone off early and had killed the father and son team on the barge and I felt like a dick.

  5. toonsmyth says:

    The sun is crashing into the Earth! AIEEEEEE!

  6. Hickspy says:

    “At least they got fifteen seconds of entertainment.”

    I tell my girlfriend almost that exact same thing.