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The GRACEPOINT Trailer is Here and Yes, David Tennant is Reprising His BROADCHURCH Role

For fans of Doctor Who‘s David Tennant and British television in general, the arrival of an American-ized take on Broadchurch — the brilliant 10-part drama that aired stateside on BBC America last year — brought on a wee bit of anxiety. Would it be as good as the original? Shot as beautifully? End as unexpectedly? Hopefully after the series debut of Gracepoint, we’ll have our answer. In the meantime, at least, we have a trailer!

Unveiled today at Fox’s Upfront presentation, the story of a small seaside California town taken over by an unprecedented tragedy finds everyone’s favorite Tenth Doctor, Tennant, reprising his role as Detective (the name has changed but the role has not) Emmett Carver alongside Breaking Bad‘s Anna Gunn. Luckily, fans of the original Broadchurch will still be able to enjoy this new, 10-episode event series iteration when it premieres this fall on Fox, as several things have changed. And no — we don’t just mean Tennant’s curious American accent. Apparently the series’ original killer has been changed, ensuring at least some suspense on the whodunnit front. According to Fox, the series is “an expansion of the original series, introducing new characters, identifying new suspects and threading new storylines through the gripping narrative.”


The series also stars Michael Peña, Nick Nolte, Jacki Weaver, Virginia Kull, Nikolas Filipovic, Kevin Rankin, Sarah-Jane Potts, and more. And fans of the original can rest assured knowing that its creator, Chris Chibnall (another member of the Doctor Who family — Chibnall is a frequent writer on the series), is involved, having written the premiere episode.

Will you be tuning into Gracepoint? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. DanielBartlowHart says:

    why would I watch a duplicate version of a show I watched just last season that even uses the same actor in the same part? I think it’s getting ridiculous how quickly the media recycles television and movie themes, especially when what is on BBC gets to America so quickly. And why, in heaven’s name, did we get Spider Man atop Spider Man. Remakes are happening far too quickly that we can any longer deny that creativity is fading fast!

  2. poocheye says:

    Of course.  I am a David Tennant fan.

  3. ceruleanblue42 says:

    If you’ve read recent news about the Gracepoint panel, it will actually be quite different from Broadchurch. It starts out pretty much the same since both writers and producers agreed that the beginning was the perfect introduction to the story and shouldn’t be changed. 

    But by episode 3 at the very latest, there will be huge differences. Here’s a list of all the differences mentioned in the panel (it’s all spoiler-free):

    By the way, I think David Tennant’s American accent is spotless. Totally works for me. 

  4. Bonnie Dodds says:

    Watching this trailer is like watching a scene-by-scene recap of Broadchurch! I will watch it because I’m a sucker for anything David Tennant; however, it would be cool if they would throw a few wrenches in so it wasn’t exactly like Broadchurch. 

    As a side note, his American accent is weirding me out. My brain is going, “Why is the Doctor talking with an American accent?!” 

  5. ravenwolf says:

    Like my wife would let me miss a David Tennant fronted show.

  6. dv crawford says:

    I’d also like to say this. Dear writer, do your research. Broadchurch was 8 episodes. Gracepoint will be 10 episodes.  How can I even take this article seriously when it was poorly researched and references an obscure and badly written  blog about Tennant’s accent?

  7. dv crawford says:

    You complainers amuse me. Do you realize remakes have been done on many shows? That Ugly Betty was a Brazilian show that’s been remade nearly 100 times? “The Americans” didn’t remake Gracepoint, the writer of Broadchurch did.  I’ve followed the filming very closely. There’s more than just a different ending, the characters are more in-depth, there are ten episodes and a different ending. Tennant’s accent is fine, I’ve heard quite a bit of it. (it helps to know people who were there, but hush! Non-disclosure statements are legally binding)  I’m glad it’s been done. Now where are the complainers for the French remake?

    • MJ says:

      sorry mate, I agree with everything you said, except… Ugly Betty was Colombian and a huge hit here in South American. For someone who so openly criticised the writer of the post, you should have researched too…

  8. lisa says:

    I understand the murderer is different for the remake. Intriguing, for sure. I will tune in.

  9. Lads says:

    everything seems the same, even the camera angles and dialogue… why can’t American’s just enjoy the original, why does an American remake have to be made so soon after the original?

  10. Sharon says:

    Oh yes! My David is in it I will watch it! I watched Broadchurch, and i loved it! Of course David is brilliant in everything he does!

  11. Debs says:

    Absolutely!  Can’t wait!!

  12. I’m an American who uses subtitles for everything I watch when they’re available. It makes it much easier to understand when actors mumble, when a loud car drives by our open window, or any other number of occasions. Don’t be so quick to be a jerk. 

  13. You should check out Law and Order UK. Same Dick Wolf series set in the UK based on the original episodes. It’s really good!

  14. Angelique says:

    Please feel free to leave anytime then.

  15. auROARa says:

    just a note because I’m a nit-picky person (sorry) but The Doctor’s voice isn’t David’s normal voice, The Doctor speaks in a british accent, but David is actually Scottish. (and maybe you do actually know this and i’m just misinterpreting the way you wrote so apologies if that is the situation)