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Our New THE GOOD PLACE Theory: Simone Is Not a Human

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season three of The Good Place.

Proposing a theory about a show that pulled off one the greatest twists in television history without anyone predicting it is dangerous, because eventually you’re likely to end up looking like Jason Mendoza when it’s wrong. To that I say this: “Bortles!” Because I think The Good Place’s new character Simone isn’t human, I’m just not sure if she’s an angel or a demon.

Yes, I know that might sound crazy, but based on what we know about the nature of the show (it always surprises us), the season’s main plot (interfering in this cosmic human experiment), and what we have learned through the first four chapters of season three, there’s enough circumstantial evidence that says the wonderful Simone isn’t what she seems, especially because she’s a little too wonderful.

First, here are some things we know for sure.

1) The Doorman is terrible at his job.

For an ancient being who exists entirely to guard the door between the afterlife and Earth, Jeff is awful. He let Michael come and go as he pleased simply because Michael got him a mug with a frog on it. Not exactly tight security. This means obviously any supernatural being can travel to Earth without the Judge knowing.

2) Demons can get to Earth undetected, too.

Whether the Doorman let him through or he found another secret passage like the Bad Place did when they attacked the Medium Place, Trevor the demon had no trouble getting to Earth. And if he could get there, so can any demon.

3) Supernatural beings have no powers on Earth.

Janet and Michael are bound by the same physical limitations as humans on Earth; the only way they can influence the lives of the living is by interacting with them. If any other being was trying to push the four human test subjects in a certain direction, they would need a cover that brought them into direct contact with them.

4) Simone is heavily involved with the group.

No other person on the planet has had more interactions and influence on Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani than Simone. She’s not officially one of the Brainy Bunch, but she works with them constantly.

5) Simone has been flawless in every way.

Simone has been a delight! She’s a supportive, understanding, smart, funny, all-around good person–so much so that even though we know how often Chidi and Eleanor end up in each others’ arms, it wasn’t upsetting to see Eleanor work as matchmaker to set Chidi up with Simone.

6) Humans are flawed creatures.

“To err is human,” and every human on the show has been flawed in some way. Whether it’s their stupidity, pride, indecision, insecurity, or their downright annoying qualities, people are imperfect beings. They get mad, they yell, they give bad advice, they do something they shouldn’t. They make mistakes.

So if humans are flawed, but Simone is flawless…and she’s always in contact with a group of people all supernatural beings are trying to influence to act in a certain way….and it’s easy to travel to Earth undetected….say it. No, c’mon, you know that all makes sense, so say it with us.


But if we’re right and she’s not a human what is she? Or better, where is she from, the Good Place or the Bad Place? Both seem possible.

Angel – kind, wonderful, caring, understanding of Chid’s issues, gave Eleanor the perfect advice when she was at her lowest, would be the inverse of when the sweet perfect “other Eleanor” turned out to be evil

Demon – a little too kind, too wonderful, and too caring, conveniently ignores Chidi’s annoying problems, prevented Eleanor from being with Chidi romantically, show has done this before

Simone’s either perfect because she’s an angel, bringing the show closer to the actual Good Place, or “perfect” because she’s a demon working to keep Eleanor and Chidi apart and ruining the entire group. What she isn’t though is human, because humans make mistakes, like making big bold predictions about the most unpredictable show on TV.

At least I don’t think Blake Bortles is the best QB alive.

What do you think of our theory? Too wild, or are we on to something? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: NBC

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