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The GHOST IN THE SHELL Movie Has a Release Date! But Will It Be Good?

Hey, you got your beloved manga in my Hollywood blockbuster! No, you got your Hollywood blockbuster in my beloved manga! Calm down, kids. Ghost in the Shell is a beloved manga and a Hollywood blockbuster! Or at least, it’s one step closer to being the latter.

Join Jessica Chobot as she reveals just when you’ll finally see Ghost in the Shell hit the big-screen in live-action, who will be taking on the role of Motoko, and how much of a chance the flick has of defeating the anime-to-Hollywood curse! All on today’s Nerdist News.

Thanks for watching, don’t miss the latest Nerdist: Play, be sure to catch the premiere of Man Seeking Woman on FXX tonight at 10:30pm, and let us know in the comments below if you think this is the right team to take on Ghost in the Shell!

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  1. Chillbird says:

    It’s Motoko, not Matoko.  Moh, not mah.

  2. sean says:

    I think she will do great, i mean hell, look at black widow! And lets forget the Dragon Ball movie ever happened… damn, i really wish that never happened.

  3. JetpackBlues says:

    Okay, I will say this about that; I’m a GitS fan and the idea of a live-action version of this is exciting and depressing.  I’ve been a long time advocate of letting the Japanese handle this, since they’ve done a few over the years with pretty good results (e.g. Casshern, Space Battleship Yamato, etc.).  BUT, considering anime/manga has always had the underlying fascination with American culture and caucasians, it’s not a stretch to now think that one of these movies could be done by U.S. studios.  I don’t condone it, but if done RIGHT it could be acceptable.
    Now, with that, I’d have a hard time dealing with Scarjo as the Major.

  4. Ya know, JUST thought of something. Motoko is full cyborg. So in that case, she can pop her brain case into WHATEVER kind of body she wants. We’ve seen it happen in the Anime series already. And in addition to that, there’s an episode that has this guy who likes to swap his brain case into a robo geisha for the evening every so often. So WHY the heck not have Motoko swap into a bod that looks like Scarlet Johansen..?

  5. shamansky says:

    please ditch Scarlett Johansson… she is completely inappropriate for that role…

  6. grimlock says:

    scarlet i reckon would be gd as the role but at same time feel the actress from pacific rim would been better shout. but at same time Ghost in the shell was always about the message in the film and series, so can look as pretty as director wants it to look but if it doesn’t have the deep meaning the series an films had then what is point? oh an was puppet master not puppeteer that part felt needed saying being ghost in the shell fan an all

  7. Carlos says:

    To me, it’d be silly if she’s called Motoko; so the script would be a re-imagined universe. So, why not?

  8. satori says:

    I’m not against a Ghost in the Shell RL movie, but there’s nothing about this current version that I will pay money to see. Should be set in Japan, with a Japanese actor, and *don’t* screw with the story. I say that because I’ll bet they screw with the story

  9. Mous3 says:

    Don’t think she’ll be a bad Motoko but I do feel there are better choices. 

  10. Antny1981 says:

    I love you cyber jess…seriously I’m in love.  Also Ghost in the Shell should be pretty awesome but I agree the other chick would have been better, Scarlett has her hands full.  Lastly definitely going to watch the premier of Man Seeking Woman, story of my life and I’m pretty sure he went to dinner with that monster just after I did.

  11. Getterman says:

    I really, REALLY HOPE Mamoru Oshii doesn’t fucked up with this movie. Please!!!

  12. liz says:

    I’d like to see the Nerdist report on the fan backlash. Since that’s all anyone is talking about. Is something stopping that from happening?

    • eric says:

      i agree with this guy

    • satori says:

      I think about 95% of the reactions I’m reading don’t want Scarlet in this movie, nor this director.  I think about 10% of the responses don’t want this movie made at all.  The real story should be about the backlash. 

  13. datfanman says:

    I still don’t think there should be a Ghost in the shell film. 

  14. LongBottomLeaf says:

    I’ll take Scarlet because she is a pretty great actress, and is pretty much the best choice besides an actual asian actress.