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The Froud and Henson Children Have Made a Short with Puppets

Remember Sarah’s baby brother in Labyrinth? He was played by Brian Froud’s son, Toby. The junior Froud has followed in his father’s footsteps, and he turned to Kickstarter last summer to fund a live action short fantasy film. Lessons Learned doesn’t star humans though; instead it features a large cast of puppets fabricated by Toby Froud. But wait, it gets better! Heather Henson, Jim Henson’s daughter, is the executive producer for the short. Henson and Froud together yet again.

The campaign more than doubled its goal, and Lessons Learned is inching towards completion. They released the first trailer for the short a month ago, and it’s oozing with charm. If you’re a fan of the work of the original Henson and Froud, this is just the kind of film that will be up your alley. Watching it could bring on a severe case of nostalgic feelings.

Lessons Learned centers on a boy who is given a special gift for his birthday by his grandfather. Being a boy, he is curious about the gift and that inquisitiveness leads him on an exciting adventure – and aren’t those the best kinds?

The short is part of Heather Hensons’ Handmade Puppet Dreams series which showcases the art of puppetry. The film is finished and being submitted to film festivals now; it will probably be in wider distribution soon. DVDs and Blu-rays are being made as rewards for the Kickstarter campaign so it stands to reason they’ll eventually be available for purchase.

HT: io9

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  1. Lone says:

    Wana get anmazed??? try here

  2. C. Peltier says:

    I am very excited to see this, Toby is exceptionally talented, and the music from Lillian Todd-Jones is wonderful. I do, however, take exception to the phrase “Being a boy, he is curious…” Being female, I have also been curious about all manner of things. Please be careful of falling into such sexist traps.

    • betterthan you says:

      You’re statement is idiotic . It is not a matter of sexist duality (if boys are A then girls AREN’T A) the intent had nothing to do with girls but more of a statement of how young boys are. Go pick your feminist fights somewhere else

  3. Thought readers might like to hear this special interview with Toby Froud (great friend of The G2V Podcast) that we did with him early in production back in October 2013. G2V co-host and producer Scott Woodard has been promoting this for quite some time, and with good reason – he’s not only a long-time friend of Toby, he script-edited LESSONS LEARNED and was the voice of the King! 🙂